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Learning to cope with childlessness


If anyone needs additional support to accept their dream of being a parent is not going to happen I help admin a Facebook support group called Childless Path To Acceptance (no ttc talk).

"When it's time to move on and embrace the life you have, not the life you envisioned but need a little help getting there. We're friends who understand and want to reach acceptance of where we are. This is our journey"...


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Hi Steph:-) sounds like a really helpful group how do I join?

Thanks :-)

Steph13 in reply to Skylight73

See my later response but if still not clear please feel free to contact me through a private message.

Not being funny, but this is what this site is all about, and shouldn't have ttc talk on it as we have moved on.

Sorry but someone who hasn't embraced facebook yet I'll stick here for now. I don't think it doesn't do any good having too many channels doing the same thing.

As your page is on facebook my wifes concern is all ger contacts might see what she posts..

If it is only visable to group members i will try encourage her to join and maybe talk to others in the same situation.

If you or your wife want to know more in private feel free to send me a message. Talking things through with others who understand really can make a huge difference.


Hi Stephanie, your group sounds wonderful. But Facebook...Aka babybook is too painful a place to be on. It's a shame that you only post there as for alot of childless women it's the last place you want to be on x

pradhan in reply to Hidden

I for one, fully agree with fuzzy_winker. There should be a quieter platform for this.

Sorry for not responding earier to everyone's comments. I posted to let people know that there are alternative options to be found as whilst I applaud this site for helping people I find the ttc posts far outweigh the childless posts so for me it can create more negative emotions than positive. I wish people well but do not want to read about their journeys to become a parent when I will never be called mum.

I totally understand that facebook can me a minefield of emotions BUT it is your page and you have control over what you see and who sees you so it can be a safe haven and not a newsfeed full of parents and children. You don't have to use your real name or connect with any family/friends but can use it as a personal page to find support, validation and friendship with those who do understand your troubles.

The group I help admin is "closed" so only other members see what is posted and every member is contacted by a PM (private message) prior to being accepted to ensure they fit the group criteria.

So if you are a member of fb use the weblink in my original post above to find Childless Path To Acceptance. Alternately search for childless and/or infertile and find numerous other groups that may appeal more.

Facebook can be a heaven or hell depending on how you use it.


This sounds great just what I need I'm fed up with all those lovely successes and don't give up hopes I hate feeling this way about others joy. it's over I am trying to accept it and get on with my childless life. I'm a bit angry about it sorry.

Steph13 in reply to Hidden

Please look at the group description on facebook and if it seems right for you request membership. Don't forget to check your message requests as an admin will contact you soon afterwards.

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