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Hi everyone,

I've written a book for those looking to come to peace with childlessness, which is just about at publishing stage, but I am not sure yet of the title. I'd love your help with this, speaking to you as someone who wanted children and hasn't had/couldn't have them. If you were looking for a book about living a full and fulfilled life without children, not a 'second-best', or 'coping' life, which of the following would grab you? Any other comments or suggestions welcome.

For context, I have crafted the book around 6 'myths', which is why the word appears in my titles.

Also, I'm not that keen on the word 'childless' or 'childlessness' - it feels heavy to me. Would that be the word you would search for on e.g.: amazon? Just wondering whether I need to put it in the main title rather than subtitle. Thanks so much for your help! Here they are in no particular order:

1. Life without children: beyond the myths of childlessness

2. Already complete: Things I wish someone had told me about childlessness

3. Already Complete: A message of hope beyond the myths of childlessness

4. Already Complete: Beyond the myths of childlessness

5. Free to be happy - dispelling the myths of childlessness

6. Free to be happy: Stop coping, start living your life without children

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  • I like title 6! I think the word childlessness would be a common word that would be searched! Well done you for sharing your experiences! X

  • Thanks so much Julieo_13, I'm looking forward to getting this out there!

  • Great for you writing this book. We all need more books on the subject. I think childlessness should be in the title to aid searches and complete as I like the idea of being a whole person. I think a word like returning or rediscovering complete might be good as I feel the road to acceptance is a bit of of a journey if not a 'trek'. Keep us posted. Good Luck.

  • Thanks Tinya, great feedback. I will definitely keep you all posted.

  • I agree with Tinya about using childlessness. I like no 4. If that's how you have laid out your book, with myths and you feel strongly about it.

    good luck!

  • Thanks wendy23, I'm not wedded to any particular title and all this feedback is really helpful. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks wendy23, I'm not wedded to any particular title and all this feedback is really helpful. Thanks so much!

  • I like no. 3, I would search for the word childlessness. I look forward to reading it! Well done you for doing such an amazing thing. Xx

  • thanks so much JFizzler for your feedback and for your encouragement! I'm really looking forward to getting this out in the world. x

  • Hi Vivienne,

    thanks for your post and for writing the book wow.

    I like the simplicity of punchy book titles like Plan B....or Back up plan, Next step, Recovery road, Restoration. One or two words that explains the transition that is needed as you start working out a different life plan.

    All the best x

  • Thanks Fuzzy_winker, for your feedback and food for thought! Stay tuned, I may come back with a completely different list (problem is, one day I will just have to choose one, or the thing will never get published! :-D)

  • Hi Vivienne, well done 😊 for writing the book but can't decide on any of the titles but having discussed it with my husband we came up with a title"Not By Choice Coping With Childlessness" what do you think? Good luck 🍀 with it

  • Thanks lc01sw, I'm loving all this feedback. The direction I'm pointing is not about coping, it's about being completely at peace (therefore nothing to cope with). I know that seemed like a huge stretch for me when I was 'in it' and want to let people know that it's possible to have a life you love, not just one you 'cope' with. Thanks for your encouragement - it means a lot! x

  • I like 3 or 4 - the idea of being "Already Complete" is great. Let us know when it's published!

  • Thanks sw74, I really like Already Complete too - and it isn't something we're very good at knowing for ourselves, in general! Not just around children, but lots of stuff. I will keep you posted - thanks for the encouragement!


  • Thank you all so much for your replies and encouragement. I was travelling for a few days and didn't check in, and so it was a lovely surprise to see so many thoughtful responses. Now I need to go away and sit with all the feedback and see what comes to me!

    And any further thoughts please let me know.

    lots of love to you all x

  • Can’t wait to read the book. Well done for writing it. I like number 6 but keep us posted on what you decide. 😀

  • Thanks Sammylou51, will do!

  • 2 & 4 because I feel there is some positivity in there which is really important when discussing this. Please post once it’s available to buy!

  • Thanks Katybetter, I certainly will. And thanks for the feedback x

  • 6 would really appeal to me to buy due to how positive it sounds, but would also check out number 2.

    Hope this helps. Good luck and can't wait to read.


  • Thank you Higaze, I'm going to have to choose one very soon! I'm looking forward to publishing it. x