How do I approach this?

I think that my mum is suffering with depression, she hasn't been herself for a very long time. She is always seems down, she gets very tearful over very small things and in most cases can become very aggressive (Not physical). She also forgets things, alot. Small things again, ie. she forgets what time we are going out etc.

I have tried to bring the subject up, but it has ended in an arguement and tears. I am really worried about her. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do?

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Gosh that's a hard one. Have you tried sitting down with a cuppa and asking her is something bothering her and stating you are concerned about her being tearful and sensitive (hate that word sensitive)? There could be something she's worried about which is causing this.


I could have written this post myself. It's a bit too real for me to try and help, but I do understand x


Hi, Sorry to hear you are having these difficulties. It's lovely that you care so much about your mum and want to help.

One option could be to write your mum a letter saying how worried you are about her. Explaining that you want to help and support her. Then maybe when you do get to talk face to face, hopefully some of the heat will be taken off. I hope this helps. Sue xx


Thank you for your support. I think I will try and sit down with her again. Try and get her alone, with a cup of tea. Perhaps a cake, and try again. If not, then perhaps the letter idea would work.

I suppose coming to terms with something like this must be very difficult.

Thank you all again. X


Your Mum sounds as though she has a very caring child. Try sitting down with her and tell her how worried you are about her. She may have something worrying her or it may be depression/ anxiety. I have two very supportive daughters, who I know were extremely concerned for me and did all they could to help. Am pleased to say I am on the way to recovery, not quite there yet, but hope to be soon.They are very relieved to have 'their old Mum back'..... their words. Good luck. xxxx


Hi there your Mum is so lucky to have such a caring daughter. You didn't mention what age group your Mum is in, I would keep a good watch on her in case its not Depression, my late father had Altzheimhers, and at the beginning it looked like Depression as he used to cry a lot. I am not trying to alarm you, and disregard this if you think its not the case. But just reading it reminded me of my Dads early Altzheimers. Just being there for your Mum is great, and maybe talk to your Doctor about it too. Keep a note of her symptoms too, and see do they get worse.

Best regards and look after yourself too.



Hmmm, that thought had crossed my mind too Hannah. Difficult to know without more info.


HI Lorraine,

Yes its very hard to know, when you dont know all the facts, Hope your keeping well too. I ' m still getting out for little walks, so far so good.

Hannah x


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