How do I block certain posters?

As in the title, some have the idea that just because they had a problem then everybody Should know about it, here we have a choice whether we read a post or not ! I see certain members name next to a post and choose not to read the post , some just post for a reaction from what I have seen! Some post "P" taking posts and I feel it ruins things for genuine posters, I really would like a button or something that we can block posts from posters we feel are "P"takers ,is it possible thanks

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  • I am not sure, myself, if such a button exists but i can ask for you Delzek

  • Thankyou, it would be easy to incorporate one,

  • i dont think there is or i would of found it by now...i wish there was. but if there was i could see eveyone would be bocking everyone🤔

  • i would certainly like to have a block button. thanks

  • Having a block button would help! It could stop unwanted followers, I myself will probably be blocked by some,but you can only please some of the people some of the time! I know we come here for help and to give what help we can, but as I have said some people post just for a reaction and have no interest in help or helping others and its easy to spot i can ame a couple but won't just in case I have misjudged but thats why a button would be of good use!

  • I think it is a very fine line to tread, who to respond to and who not to. However this is an open forum and I believe that it should stay that way. 'Blocking' someone can be seen as a rather aggressive act, can you not just exercise choice and ignore the post?


  • i feel that if you feel that you are been targeted by someone or sometimes more then one as friends tend to be like minded then what Delzek is saying would stop vindictive people been able to reply/response to my posts/replys.

    i know that there is moderators but they not standing in my/your shoses. and so can not see what going on.

    i had to give up on another site that i was very happy on ..had there been a way of stoping those spitefull remarks then i would still be on there.

    i am very lucky that i have a wonderful family and take comfort from them. but there are many who dont have that.

    stop the unwanted i say 🛇

  • Only one person, most people debate because they want to discuss,others post the opposite to you for a reaction,sadly one person makes my blood boil she was on another site and followed me here,I don't wish to stoop to their level if hu don't sort it out there are other forums out there! I have friends on here hence my coming back .but i am prepared to go elsewhere if i have to

  • its just not right. did you know that you can have mulitple accounts on here and no one knows about this as this is what happened to me after i reported someone they just kept coming back with a different name. and everyone knew who it was. there seems to be more chiefs now on this site than Idians. im looking for a new forum myself as im sick of it.

  • Tbh soo am get so annoying when you know the person is doing it but cant do a damn thing about it.I believe that by being myself and being "True to myself" I get better more honest responses from other poster's, people with multiple accounts you can tell by the way they post! But not all the time! Things have been different on here for a while now and its a shame that such a good helpful forum can be ruined by a minority

  • the worse part is when they get put of the forum or leave they just open a new account. its time health unlocked updated its soft in the middle of looking for another forum. i like this one its such a shame. health unlocked is also on twitter i'v complained there when i got no help here.

  • You're absolutely right Delzek there is a minority that ruin the 'family' atmosphere of this forum and I'm sad to see that it has resurfaced once again. The best we can do is report or ignore the posts we don't want to read but I think you'll agree, we all have a responsibility to try upkeep the Forum as best we can and not indulge those posters who try to disrupt it.


  • If I knew that Chinagirl2016 I wouldn't be asking members to report them now would I?


  • hi Delzek..the very best medicine i have ever had for depression has come from peoples friendship.

    i see depression as a very curl illness . its like an inward tourment that never stops. pills just seem to musk or numb your brian but a bit of understanding and a few kind words can go a long way to recovery.

    the people that you talk about i know only to well. its seems to be a way of life for them.

    what about all the people on here that need you as much as you need them.

    hope i get the chance to know you better.


  • A kind word goes a very long way as you say. its one of my mottos.

  • one woman on here said she felt like commiting suicide as she was in a wheelchair and felt useless and a member told her to do it. then she came on again and said that maybe that member was correct and she should hang herself. some people have serious health problems and its not right. i was told i had more diseases than a rat. not only that if you use the wrong word on here like "you should" people get cross. it makes you scrared to reply to a post. and that was someone with a responsibe job on healthunlocked who "gets very cross"

  • grace111 I'm sure you realise that every member on this Forum is asked to report any post that is either suicidal/offensive etc. That is the only way to stop such people from posting.


  • An open forum should still have the option ! Even fb have one twitter etc etc etc,we are adults but some are just opportunistic and attack others because they don't like their opinion or they are losing the debate !

  • Its better to help a block button thanhaving all out war on the forum!

  • A block button has been requested from HU before but they say that their software won't support it at present. From what they have said they are not really in favour of it.

    To prevent followers click under your name at the top, click accounts and amend your settings. There is a non follow facility.

    If you feel anyone is being nasty or breaking site rules, then use the downward arrow to report them. The admins/mods will then deal with it.

  • Delzek Everyone,

    You only need to report any post that you find offensive, this will alert an Administrator and they have the ability to block a post if found necessary.


  • Well that doesn't work I reported a poster 5months ago and she still comes back with the insults when she doesn't agree with your opinion! My opinion counts as much as anyone else's.

  • exactly.

  • Then please message me privately if that happens and I can see for myself what's going on.


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