How do I get out of this ??

Iv a knew GP who is very caring and doing her best to support me, but told me yesterday I had to go back to pyschatrist to change antidressants when I explained how the pyschatrist has failed me in the past ( she understood ) but she told me two weeks ago to start reducing sertraline that I am on now and when down to 50mg start to introduce valafaxine, well I would of be starting to that this week, only yesterday she told me she had to ask a pyschatrist before changing ????? I'm so confused as I really am not good and just want to get help to get out of feeling like this, GP is so lovely and really wants to get me Bettter, but when she said come back in three weeks, you can imagine how I felt !!!!! mornings are unbearable for me ( I mean unbearable ) then I battle struggle through the day. Why can't I get help to get out of this ??????

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  • Hi Sandraan you are getting help but it does take time unfortunately as mental health isn't an exact science. Just perservere and things will get better in time. Have faith and hope and treasure your wonderful GP. Bev x

  • Thank you so much I really need your support x

  • Just feel I'm never getting any better and the future terrifies me, thank you so very much I really appreacite you being there and replying so quickly

  • Hello Sandra,

    Medications for depression can take an extended period to work, possibly three or four weeks. You could feel several contradications that could put you of your medications

    Relax and understand it can sometimes take an extended period before you feel the benefit. Do not worry you seem to have a good GP . That is half the battle


  • Thank you so very much I really need your support just feel I'm never getting better

  • Hi Sandra Depression takes time, it's a road with many twists and

    Potholes as it were. You seem to want instant feeling better or good

    And unfortunately that is not the way it works. It can take weeks to

    Really feel the benefits of antidepressants, so be patient. You seem

    To be on the right track.

    Have hope of hope and try to do all you can to help yourself apart

    From what your already doing. I know it's tough when your feeling

    Bad but I would safely say everyone here has gone through that

    Awful stage, I certainly have, but it does get better. And you will too.

    Realistically the Dr. And Psychiatrist can only do so much for us,

    They can get us back on the pitch, but the rest has to come from

    Us. No one but ourselves can fix our lives and expecting anyone

    To do that is unrealistic. You too will have to change lots of things and

    Your lifestyle might have to change. So I think Patience is the thing

    For the moment.


  • Hi Hannah, thank you for replying hope you are ok ? Yes I understand evertthing you have said, but my problem is I have started to reduce my medication to the minimum, after being on the maximum strength, so I could introduce a new antidressants and start taking that as the doctor and I agree the antidressant Iam on at present is not working, but then yesterday she told me not to take the new antidressants as she has to write to the pyschatrist for permission to do so, so I'm not really on any medication, after taking ( AND NEEDING ) antidressants most of my life I'm now at my worst not taking anything, that's my worry, I have nothing to help me, and it's a big reduction, to get the other meds in my system and build up if needed, I have suffered with depression for twenty eight years. ( this is not something new to me ) and this is clearly alot more than depression/ Anxitey as my doctor can clearly see that is why she is writing to the pyschatrist for more help, so yes I understand and agree with everything you have said thank you Iv been there many times, but this is far far more server. Hope you are ok ?? X

  • Hello poppet, i know how you feel with the meds and services. Lets take time. Try to let the meds start to work. Dont make any decisions or changes, just follow the instructions, take what you are given and each day. Mornings are awful, i agree. They wont always be awful, it just feels like that now. Lets go through this med change together and look forward to when the fog will lift. It will, its just getting the right balance of meds xxxxx love and hugs xxxxx

  • Thank you so much for a lovely message but please read my reply above to photogeek were I have explained why I'm so concerned at the moment it's not the change in meds it's ( the not changing meds ) that's my problem, hope you are ok ?? Xx

  • Hi Sandra, well im so sorry for your fear n suffering, but at same time ,relieved that sumone is feeling the same as me , as I've felt I'm losing my mind, because others cope better than me , I'm petrified, how much longer I can cope, I don't want to die, but cannot keep just exsisting ,its hell, life is passing me bye hugs n luv , wish I could help you, an me just to turn a corner would be great eh , luv n hugs hunnie x

  • Sues your message brings me so much comfort, I feel exactly the same as you do, I could of written your message myself, i will get back to you in hour or so, but yes I understand completely how you feel can I ask what meds you are on at the moment ?? Xx

  • Yes of course, setraline 125mg ,for about 6 weeks from 100,75,50,,have been suffering from stinking cold too, feeling sorry for myself, lol ! X

  • Oh yes so sorry yes like me 200mg and are not doing anything at all, that's why I'm desperate to change to valafaxine, but until my doctor gets the go ahead to change ( which will take at least three weeks ) il have to just carry on, would you think about asking your GP for a change ( it sounds to me this is just not suitable for us ) we are both on high dose and not feeling as good as we should ) I understand exactly how you are feeling I did have diazpam to tell me with the reducing down they'd helped a great deal but there only short term. How are you now xx

  • Hi hunnie, I don't know wot to do ,re change of meds, I get really negitive , and think nothings gonna work for me, but there must b sumthing ,but its like chasing ya tail in never decreasing circles,think my cold not helping, as its head cold, giving me more noises in my head, plus more sweats , which I'm also getting, I'm laying on settee with a blanket , like frozen ,just seem to find everything too hard, to wash,clean home, see friends n family, eat, you name it ,feel totally waste of space, how's you hun, so so sorry for going off on one, don't help either you or me x

  • Sorry, not concentrating. Really low right now so didnt read it properly. Hope you are ok? Xxx

  • Thank you, hope your ok xx

  • So sorry to hear your feeling low, I understand you take great care your not alone I for one I'm struggling just like you, sending you a hug to get through today xx

  • Thank you honey xxxxx hugs back

  • hi sandra just looked at your page i need to ask someone that's been in your place with Valafaxine will let you know asap xxxx

  • Thank you Alan but it's ok for now as my GP has put them on hold for now, hope your ok

  • hi Sandra that's o.k but if you need me to help you please my friend you know where i am take care its nice to be home and with my friends your friend always Alan xx

  • Hi Sandraan, I know I'm replying to an old post, but I just wanted to tell you that I've been on Venlafaxine for 9 years and it's made a big difference to me. I still get depressed sometimes, but it's bearable. Hope this helps, take care, and I hope you start feeling better soon.

  • Thank you Josie I m really grateful I need all the good feed back I can get on valafaxine as its got to work for me, I can't go on feeling like this, I'm really struggling at the moment and I'm really bad I don't start them until next week, I'm starting on the lowest dose ( which I ll now you have to ) but it worrys me coming off a high dose of one to a low dose of another? Do you mind me asking what toy started on and what your on now please, ?? I'm not good at all at the moment ( in fact I'm really bad ) so it's nice to know people care xx

  • Hi Sandraan, I started on 75g and went up to 150g, which I've stayed on. Venlafaxine hasn't affected my weight x

  • Thank you do much that's s great help, hope your doing ok

  • You're welcome. I'm feeling good at the moment thanks. If you have any more questions just get in touch. Is it this week you start taking the Venlafaxine? You've done really well to get keep going for so long, hopefully you should begin to feel better in a couple of weeks. I know that feels like a long time. Just take it a day at a time and try to do things that to distract you and take your mind off how you're feeling. I find playing computer games, watching TV dramas/DVDs and walking really help. I go on guided walks with a group called Walking for Health. The walks are free and I've met people with similar problems to me, and everyone's very supportive. Please stay in touch, and don't get upset if I don't get back to you straight away, I'm not on here all the time. I will reply as soon as I can.

    All the best, Jozie x

  • Thank you so very much Jozie I'm really not good at the moment ((that's why I appreacite you so much ) I was so very bad Wednesday ((felt suicidal ) I rang an Assement team five times just to explain to someone how bad I was feeling, Wednesday night I came on an unexpected period ( mine is definitely hormonal but nobody rang me back !!!! I was just as bad Thursday morning so rang again only to be told " you said you have battled since jaunary ( ( after I'd had a breakdown in December ) so you can battle on till Tuesday when we see you " !!!! mine is definitely hormonal Iv cried out for two years to GPs, Pyschatrist, pyscolgist, etc but ??? I know I need antidressants and I agree with taking them when I get the right one to work, Iv had blood test for the menapores but they always come back the readings to high !!! I am going to see an Assement team Tuesday but the way I was delt with the other day, I couldn't belive Jozie I was so very distraugh that she didn't even say il give you a ring back later today or tomorrow to see how you are !!!! Uncontrollable crying I had to say " please could you just think if this was your daughter, sister, niece talking to you now, how would

  • (Sorry continue from above) would you be feeling now " I had to try get though to her how bad I was feeling, I know mines hormonal I just don't know how to get the help I need, so sorry to have messaged you like this but I just can't get the help I need xxx

  • I'm so sorry to been feeling so bad. The way the Assessment team treated you was very insensitive! My problems came to a head a couple of years before the menopause and I think they were at least partially caused by hormone changes. I'm glad you messaged me. I hope it's helped. Have you been doing anything today? I'm going out in the garden soon to do some tidying up before it gets dark. I find gardening very therapeutic. Be brave, you can get through this x

  • Meant to ask Jozie did you gain weight with valafaxine ? X

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