will it go?

Good evening all,

Well me and my ex have been split up 2 weeks yesterday, feels like a life time ago...seem to have been through so much in the last few weeks. Tomorrow is the day I go to collect my things.

We spoke on the phone on sunday and he asked me was i staying over on the wednesday night till the thursday morning so he could take me home before he goes to work.

I said is that not a bit weird?? =S

i said i didnt no if i was comfortable with that, but thinking about it, i cant imagine that being healthy waking up in the place ive spent so much time.

I wont stay but i think he is going to be funny about taking me home and he might kick off. Originally a friend said he will pick me up if needs be (think hes worried about me) so i told my ex this, which he got funny about. Hes working now so cant.

On the phone he went quiet so i asked him what was up and he said he didnt really no what to say so i kind of laughed and said well we might as well go? (rather than stay on the phone in silence) and he started being funny, asking why it was funny and why i was being weird, he thought i was putting on being happy and i wasnt. I really just dont think he likes the fact im okay and not crying over him.

Since starting to read a book called "women who love to much" ive realised i did love him to much and wanted nothing more but to make it work. and even though i think it is still a shame that it turned out like this (as it was so promising at 1st) but it will never work. This is what i will have to tell him tomorrow.

Im anxious how it will go, maybe he wont even be bothered any more, that will hurt.

Wish it was over, hope i dont get upset again and stay like that. going to be weird seeing him after over 2 weeks, i no it doesnt seem long but its the longest we have been apart in 9 months and as i said feels like a life time ago.

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  • Aaaw I'll be thinking of you.

    It will probably be very difficult tomorrow, but I think not staying over is the right decision.


  • Hi, Hope all goes well tomorrow for you. I'll be thinking of you. Sue xx

  • Hi

    I hope it's ok for you but try to keep a bit of distance between you, it would be easy to get sucked back in and not be able to see yourself as a separate person.

    He wasn't good for you then and is unlikely to be good for you now. Don't forget that. While you are spending time and energy on the relationship with him you are missing other opportunities for living.

    I'm thinking of you,


  • Hey, how did it go with the ex? I've been thinking of you x

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