My depression has ruined my life I can't eat as I feel I'm gona choke and die anyone offer advice to help me?

It all started in 2012 I stopped eating as I thought I was going to choke and it put me off eating I go to a behavioural therapist and it isn't working I always also attend forum fortnightly physicist treatment nothing is working! Anyone no anything I can I try I want to eat and live a healthy life for my 3children and husband

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  • When I was first sick a few months ago and couldn't eat anything solid I used to have soup. It just slurps on down , no chewing so no choking. Try that first and when , after a while, you don't choke on that you may find yourself moving onto other foods may have to be sloppy , like baby food,but, hey, that is still food.Good luck.

  • I will try that thank you for advice :)

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