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Not doing well in voluntary work


Every time I am washing (kitchen assistant) one of the lady starts abusing me and now the others think it is alright to speak down to me.

I have been keeping to myself not letting negative thoughts pervade but this has escalated. Feel like being rude back but keep my silence. Don't really feel like working there anymore. But this is the only thing I have going for me. Will start my homoeopathic course soon. Will continue to do voluntary work - should I look for something else but my quite nature inspires abuse.

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If things are becoming a trial in your Voluntary work and you feel you are not needed, move onto something selse where you feel needed and respected.

I have been trying to get back with one of my positions from the past, however because of my Health problems it seems like they would prefer me to be not around, fair enough I will consider where I may be needed.

However now I wonder if I am reaching an age where my memory is becoming a problem the need seems to walk away.

So in your case, these ladies, ? may be joking with you, however bad vibes make us walk away. There are plenty of other things you can do, in a way you Volunteer here to help people, just because it is web based does not mean you are not helping others, this is what Volunteering is all about

Keep up the good work, here


I want to say I am stronger and more positive but seriously considering moving on. I haven't lost the plot yet (they have not changed my positive nature) and still see this as one of the best position I have had so far.

Feel like more staying and riding it out.

I would love to do something in medical field or science - its just finding!

I would love to be bubbly personality and change somehow - only if I could find the experience that would do it for me!

Have you tried HEALTHWATCH They have various departments and think tanks associated with your interest. I was on the Mental Health Think Tank for my area, they also do inspections of wards etc

Try going onto the Committee at your GP Surgery that can be a first step in moving onto several other Committees through your position .


Thanks very much thank you- Hounslow Healthwatch just took my CV and thanks will try other suggestion Committee at my GP surgery after I have a few medical certificates, homeopathy and the like

You do not need those certificates as such, although fail enough I hope you go from strength to strength.

The NHS has meetings throughout the year, try those as well, hey will give you insight into how the Health service works

Good Luck


hi as a volunteer you have the same rules and regulations as paid staff do.if you feel bullied harassed or whatever speak up because if its not you it will be someone else.after that if nothing changes you should think again about moving on for peace of mind.

I did some volunteer work for the Red Cross. I worked at blood drives. People would sign up to donate. Then they would come in and be cranky if they had to wait. Being at the check in station you got the brunt of that anger.

I started to say things like it's so wonderful for you to be donating, you realize things can get behind. I'm just a volunteer helping out.

My kind way of saying take a seat and be quiet. I'm not responsible for your wait.

Staff would come and ask if people read their pre donation booklet. I said I gave them the book and encouraged them to read. One woman said you have to be sure. Seriously what was I supposed to do to "make" someone do something.

It was really frustrating. There are a lot of expectations at some volunteer jobs. Some of them are unrealistic.


If you aren’t enjoying it try somewhere else after all you are giving them your time free. Or perhaps respond and see what happens (not in a rude way but just to show you don’t appreciate the way they are speaking to you)

It happens to me too because I am quiet nature. Love to be able to stand up for myself.

Yes I would say look for some other voluntary work. You deserve to be treated with respect they do not deserve you, it is unacceptable that they are treating you that way.

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