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My girlfriend left me for another man. And I can't stop thinking about her.. Please help


we have been together for 2 years. i loved her so much ,i loved her more than anyone in my life ,she's beautiful smart and funny she was my everything ,i was telling everything about me i trusted her ,i didn't trust anyone before.

after 2 years she told me i can't love anymore let's be just friends

but i didn't give up cuz i loved hey so much and after a week she told me i loved someone for real and that word broke my heart she told me shat she didn't loved me for real for 2 years and she left

i can't forget about her

i can't stop loving her ,she was like my mother

help me i am losing my life. help meee

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We are all looking for the kind of unconditional love we (hopefully) got from our parents and when we experience heartbreak in adulthood it feels like a deep deep wound to lose it again. What you think is love may be attachment. You’re attached to the idea of her. That idea is only real as a concept in your mind. She is not that angel of love, saving you from a cold world. She’s an imperfect, flawed woman and her attachment to you has come to an end. You’ll get through this. There is a woman much more compatible for you and you’ll find her and eventually you’ll see it never would’ve worked with your ex. She just knew before you did. Hope this helps. I’ve been there. It’s very deep pain. But if you can look at it as attachment, maybe that will make it easier. Attachment causes terrible pain when something is taken away. Hope I’m not minimizing what you’re feeling and the nature of your relationship. Don’t you dare give up. Take this opportunity to reset your life. Now you can follow your own dreams with absolute freedom. Work on yourself now. Get a journal, just an empty notebook and write down some goals. Be specific. Tackle one at a time. Before you know it you’ll be on your way. Feel the pain. It’s there to tell you something. Yes there is loss but there are also lessons learned that are just as valuable and she can’t take that from you. She can’t take you from you. You still have your heart and your beautiful soul. There’s another woman who will appreciate you. You don’t want a woman like your ex who doesn’t. It will take time but the pain will lessen and clarity will come. Don’t think she’s the only one who will love you. The next will love you DEEPER. The next love will be much more fulfilling.

Very wise advice, so true. Pam

Thank you very much

your words made me feel better and think in a different way

Some of the best words I have heard in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

I know that deep pain you feel, it’s truly awful but it does pass. You have been given some good advice there. You will most definitely meet someone else in the future, just try to be patient with yourself and with life.


I went through anxiety and depression due to the same reason.

I can understand your feelings. I know it’s hard and tough

I still face it .. but you ve been given some great advice .. it’s a dark tunnel but there will be light eventually .

The only way through is by actually accepting it

It sucks I know but gradually as you accept things will get better and you will realise there is someone better out there for you .


I gather you are still young and you find yourself hurt and confused at the breakup of someone who you loved. You are at this time unable to come to terms with this loss of someone you still love.

During periods in our Lives we all feel the same we loose a soul Mate or so it seems. However we need to consider how the person may have reacted to you if you had either got married or lived together. Would the Relationship have run its course or is it right to consider something could have gone badly wrong if you were married and had a child, do you now feel you may be fortunate that you have been allowed to take several steps backwards and now consider the breakup could have been a fortunate breakup and you have learned from that relationship now you have learned what could have happened if you had made that error and things could have gone so very wrong given time.

Look upon this breakup as a hard learned exercise and now you have learned from this failed relationship

I do feel you will find on site that many have all gone through the same problem as you and look upon all of this above as a learning exercise, the person who is waiting for you is still out there and when you find Her you will know that person is the right one. You have learned a lesson and now you will really understand, this new relationship is the right one to settle down with

It will take time for you to settle, take time and allow yourself time to understand your needs and love. We all feel someone eventually, remember that and move on


For as beautiful as love is, it sure does cause a lot of pain. Like a bad storm, this pain from this broken love will pass. Having that attachment to someone for however long it lasted and time invested is hard to let go, especially when one has never really experienced that before. I am sorry you are going through this, but I hope and pray that you are able to get through it. One day at a time. Remember the most important person in your life is YOU. Have a great day! ☺️

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