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2013 is starting to look better. I've had 3 sessions with the counsellor which has given me space to be sad and made me realise that I can't, or shouldn't, force myself to better. And because I'm feeling in a better place I'm actually able to make changes for myself. I go spinning and/or swimming every week.

I'm also doing an online cbt course to help me to manage and improve my sleep. This week is he toughest part but I'm so desperate for a full and proper nights sleep that I'm willing to put the effort in.

I've also stopped automatically going to bed when I get home and try and lie on te sofa if I don't feel up to being out and about for too long. It's only a small step but it's helped face my 'fear' of being away from my safe place (bed).

Work is also getting better. I still don't like it but I've managed to arrive on time and I haven't left before 5.15pm which is a vast improvement from even a couple of weeks ago.

The counselling has also cleared my mind a bit and I can even remember some of the positive and fun things that I did last summer, like going to the Olympic Ceremony Rehearsal and some of the events. I went to Poole and spent the day on the beach. Things like that, they don't seem important at the time but I'm glad I have some good memories back.

I know it's not easy, it's been a hard process for me, but I hope that others will be able to take time to relax and remember the good times when the time is right.

Smiles to everyone x

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Glad the counselling is helping you hun, its good to hear that it does work for people!

Was interested what you said about a online cbt course? im having trouble sleeping also, not so much dropping off to sleep anymore (was bad when 1st started taking Anti D's) but I wake up at like 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am then i get up at 9...and it doesnt matter if i go to bed at 2am im still wide awake at like half 8.

I have alot of nice memories that dont seem important at the time but then you look back and they seem ded nice...Ive done about it in psychology how events seem better now than they did. its interesting. A few weeks ago i was thinking about how i went tesco with my fella over xmas to pick up a microwave and for some reason i think of it as a happy memory! lols think it was just cos i was much happier over the xmas hols.

Hugs :) x


Hey, I'm glad I could help, even the small things can sometimes make a difference. Even if it's only temporary.

My GP recommended the online cbt thing to me, it's called sleepio and I was given a code by the GP to access it so definitely ask about it. I was on tamazepam for a few weeks a few months back. They helped me relax and get to sleep but I also have the same problem as you, I often wake up in the night for hours. I would give it a go, you do have to be determined and it's a gradual process which I think is better because its more sustainable in the long run. This week I have to try and not even get into bed until midnight and wake myself and get out of bed by 6.45 it's tough but even after one night my sleep quality improved.

Hang in there with Uni, it's worth it in the end. Try not to isolate yourself either, a mistake I often made, it can be a really lonely time and constant studying isn't a good thing. It's hard, but make sure you make plenty of good friends so you have a nearby support network

Keep smiling ??


Well I have to go back the docs after a month of taking the AD's so ill say about my sleep and mention what you said.

Wow 6.45 is tough to be awake...well it seems it to me as im living the student life. thinking about it i used to get up earlier than that when i was working! half 8 is to early for me now!....its going to be fun getting back into a work routine again when i get a job (if i get a job)! =/

Please keep us updated on how its going, really interested to find out if its working for you :)

i only really have a few friends at uni and they have kinda left me out so dont really feel like ive got anyone, only left the house today after 2 days cos i had to hand in my work at uni! i miss being around people, thats what i like about work, all your friends are there :)

i just think of uni as 3 months to go then i can move back home :) decided to stay living here till then, hopefully.



so pleased katie, thankyou for sharing.



Thanks Sandra, I hope others will be able to share their 'success' stories too...

And 6.45 is at least an hour too early for me to get up!!!

Katie x


Well done Katie & long may it continue. I'm like you my bed is my safe place too. I have'nt been to well '& feel its pulled me down mentally & have had to spend a lot of time in it. Now, I don't want to leave.

Good luck.

Jackie xx


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