Dying a thousand deaths: metaphorically, (obviously)

Shortest one ever. I wrote one earlier and it didn't publish. Here's another compulsion to write the stress away. Compulsive clearance, 2013.

MA student. Library woes. Say no more. Such is life... and that fancy French equivalent that sounds sexier than the English... Sounds comical when I say it. Emphasis on the 't'.

Relive it over and over until you either forget about it, or until something else distracts your mind.

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  • Of course, the other blog was incredibly long: tags included Barnes' A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters, 'Turning Catastrophe into Art', Macbeth: toil and trouble - witches cackles, daggers for eyes, academic flirting foreplay, library virginity, the Byronic hero, no more nihilism, academic criticism, a proliferation of voices (Catharsis', Sappho's, Eurydice's, the readers'), digressions, self reflexivity, 'I'm writing this now, now, now - actually it would have been then, then, then', and so on.

    By the by.

    Catharsis says: thank you Byronic hero; thank you so much for your help today. You should get paid. And if you do, they're not paying you enough.

    Catharsis also says: thank you friend of Sappho. Insightful, helpful, good friend in times of absolute insanity. Thanks for showing me around, and thanks for being there.

  • Rational self reflexivity required. Required? It's almost non negotiable here.

    Don't get the wrong impression. ;) I was only learning how to use the present University Library for the first time. Always good to have people to help you out.

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