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Dosey Mare.... A BIG THANK YOU!

Im such a Dosey Mare I post this on the dyslexic group by mistake....funny when you think about it and typical of me!....


I just wanted to say thank you to all my new friends here for your help and support. It is thanks to you that in part I am reclaiming my life. As I stand on the cliff edge there is a chance I could fly rather than fall, due to your kindness and faith.

One last thing nothing to do with this and I’m so sorry I forget due to my dyslexia but who was it who was drawing bridges. I know whom I think it was but I don’t want to slip up, which I do so often.

Oh and please if you get the chance listen to Ruby Wax's 'Tame the Mind', Ive yet to dig deeper but it all sounds good to me.


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:) Caroline - it wasn't me! :) x


It wasn't you who helped me or you don't draw bridges...just pulling your leg :-) You're tops Bev as always X


Hi Caroline, really glad you're finding the forum useful. Love having you here, so please stay.Gemma X


Awe Gemma Thank you and THANK YOU for being my Friend XXX


Hey Caroline,

I've got Ruby Wax's book 'Sane New World' out of the library as it is meant to be very good.

When does the leap of faith begin? And what are you going to be studying? As a Libran I love studying and learning. I'm just really nosey about things and like to be challenged.

I'm glad you are part of the forum and your warmth and humour shines through in your posts.

It was my birthday yesterday and so this is 44 years old and 1 day now. I'm determined that this year is going to be a damn sight better than the last.

Sarah xx


Wey Hey!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY....Oh I get it now, George Clooney asked you if you'd marry him and you said NO cos its your Birthday and he wouldnt change the date! What a plumb that man is...tsk.

Fantastic, Im right behind you, this year will be better than last I prounce it on the paws of Hannah's cat... Shazzzam *Caz waves a wand*

Well Im working hard Sarah every spare minute I get Im studying or working, well apart from this weekend when I went out, BUT I was still collecting data. Design my love, Im trying to become all knowing in Design, sounds easy doesnt it, but Id suggest its harder than Algerbra and who knows what that's about!!!

Oh you got her book, well let me know if its good, I cant get it in my library I've looked but maybe I can get a copy in my friends library. I just liked her attitude to trying and ultimately finding the coping skills, truely amazing.

I refuse to take drugs, not that I'm saying there is anything wrong if you do, its just Im already nutty as a fruit bag, cant see it giving me

So all that remains young Sarah is to ask where is the Cake! (Gluten free Im sure :-)


Oh thanks for the compliments ...right back at cha as those crazy American's say.


happy birthday sarah :)


hi caroline, your posts always make me laugh. not at your troubles, but at how funny you are. your a shining light on this website of darkness. im glad your here, and im sure so many others appreciate your posts. thanks for everything, kevin xxoo


Awe thanks Kev that's really kind :-) x


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