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I'd like to Propose a Naughty Corner for badly behaved Parents!


This corner can equally be used for badly behaved .....Partners, Bosses / Coworkers, Family, Friends or anyone else who thinks its funny to upset you!!!!

Leg smacks, dinner's witheld from the above offenders, maybe short periods of silence and or the cold shoulder, will also be provided.

Honestly why do people put soooo much effort into trying to make you unhappy just because they are....come on!!!! There's no joy in being unhappy! ...grrrr.

Stuff em, I say put salt in there tea and Up The Revolution...sorry if that sounds a bit stiff. But some people need to learn bad stuff can have consequences!

General telling's off and some form of detention may also be available.

.....ooh I get so cross!!

Please do enjoy your day ladies and gents XX

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Lovely post Caroline. You really make me laugh. It cheered me up no end and it is so true ! :) X


Im so pleased Gemma you support my proposal :-)

Next stop Parliament and the installation of a naughty step for Politicians who are crappy ! Up the Revolution Gemma Up the Revolution!



Yes please! I think there should be a naughty step and my mother would take permanent residence. She is quite sure my bipolar crisis would be much better if only I would put on some make-up every morning. I can't stand the stuff, I have really fair skin, which reacts to everything, so only wear it when it's an occasion, why would I wear it to go to the supermarket for crying out loud?? And how would that improve my mental health?

She is a nightmare, things are fraught at home, she screams at my Dad all of the time, and turns on me at the drop of a hat, but then claims to be the victim of our making. I'm sure she has what I have, I'm certain that's the genetic link. But, while I seek treatment and do everything I can to be well, she refuses to acknowledge her role in anything and stomps around on the rest of our feelings. build her a naughty step statue in Trafalgar Square please!



Oh Jigsawcat my mother was just the same. Seperated at birth? :d x

Reply I have reserved a naughty step with your mothers name on it!

All joking aside Im sorry your having a hard time. If you mum like my mum is older 83, in her day it was important to go out looking your best so maybe thats the make up thing. Also since Oprah Winfrey wasn't around it was frowned on to seek help for emotional difficulties. Fo your own peace and peace of mind maybe you could ask your councellor how you might make it okay for Mum to seek help so she isn't shouting at you and Dad all the time. Thats a tough environ to be in, I really hope things improve for you.

So until Mummy accepts her punishment and seeks help she will have to go to the step when she up sets you!

Big Kiss x


Oh my parents are both dead now Caroline. My dad 6 years ago this December and my mum last year. So unless there is a naughty corner in heaven only one of my sisters can go there now. :d x


Oh Angel Im sorry you lost your parents, I have to say when Dad died it was a relief Im not sure how it will feel when mum goes? I hope you are okay XXX


Thanks Caroline, her own GP has suggested she should have counselling for her 'anxiety' which is the only thing she will accept is wrong with her mentally, but she's said she doesn't need it. She says all that's wrong with her stems from her mum being in hospital from when my mum was 3 until 7 so she had no parent growing up, and her marriage to my Dad (his fault obviously). As a kid I would beg them to get divorced when they would be screaming at each other, and mum would at times become violent, but they didn't 'for the kids' (I mean, really??!!). Now they are in there early 70's, my Dad switched off, mellowed and accepted his fate years ago when my mum was diagnosed with Parkinson's and became even worse. My dad would feel too guilty to leave, and mum would miss having someone to blame for everything I think! and so it goes on. I live with them, which is really hard, but when I had my breakdown last year, I had to stop working and as I'm on my, I couldn't afford to keep up my mortgage etc. it's all a bit of a nightmare! X


Goodness it sounds complicated , you're unwell, she is unwell it must be tough. I do feel for you. I left home at 17 so I get how hard it is to be at your parents home. Im so sorry about your breakdown that must have been aweful. Still youre on the up now and anytime Mummy is naughty straight on to the step for her!

Big Kiss XX


What a great post Caroline. Can my sister be the first one there please? :d x


Would like a step or a corner and yes of course there is space for your naughty sister!

Would you like to share why she is so annoying?

Big Kiss x


Oh you must have missed my post 3 days ago under 'I'm feeling upset tonight'. If she qualifies can you shove her in please Caroline :) x


I now have a mental picture of shoving your sister under the stairs and telling her she will have to stay there until she's had a think about her actions and is ready to apologise



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