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Hi all, im looking for some help or advise?....For the last couple of months my moods have be all over the place due to not working and trying to find a job today is hard, so ive found myself going more and more in to a shell arguing with my now Ex boyfriend, I feel total lost and useless and even considered taking my own life as im writing this i can not stop the tears dont know what to do and i feel i am losing a grip on life...B

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  • Hi Bee84

    You dont say if you've been to see & talk to your GP about how you are feeling.

    If you have'nt I think you should make an appointment to see one & explain to them exactly how you feel, tell them everything. They will then be able to decide if you need medication & a referal for councilling.

    Please remember talking to someone who understands depression & how you feel is always a big help. You are not alone, there are many like us out there. Thoughts of ending your life are feelings I think we all go through until we get the help we need.

    So please go speak to your GP. If you have already done this maybe the medication does not agree with you & you need to be tried on something new.

    Please make that call.



  • Hi Jackie, Thank you for your comments, to be honest No i have not yet been to see my GP, in a way im scared of what they are going to say....I used to be so strong and often find it really hard to say how im feeling...which i know sounds really silly for a grown women.

    But I will do it dont know when but i will, Thanks again

  • jusjacs advice is good talking to your doctor or surgery nurse is a good idea or even just a good friend I was like you just over a month ago and my life has changed so much since then just be patient and things will change and regarding ending it well that will cause the pebble in the pond effect, think of those who will genuinely miss you and those who are now giving you wise words, life changes each day and like you the first step I took was crying at my laptop seeking advice on this site and I got it from loads of people feel free to contact me anytime and be strong we are all there for you YOU ARE NOT ALONE

  • Hi Reggie, I know the thought of taking my like is totally nuts and its not only me I have to thinkg about, its such a selfish thought but there are days when i just cant be here, like i said to jusjacs, I will get help from my GP but just scared about saying how i feel, But it helps knowing that there are people out there in the same boat.

    Thank you for your advise,

  • here when needed am down today my friend aint coming for the weekend but I will find something else to occupy my time jusjac says all what I would say you would be suprised just how many people suffer depression or negative thoughts in a couple of weeks you will look back and think why !!!

  • Dont thing you are being silly by going to your Doctor. Dont feel you are being weak by going to your GP because you dont feel strong.

    There are loads of amazing & famous people out there who have'nt been as strong as they feel they'd like to be ie Winston Churchill, Stephen Fry, Robbie Williams & they are all men so imagine how hard it must have been for them. There are many many more people too.

    No-one can be strong all of the time. We can only offer you advice & answer to your question if you are serious about needing help because you feel you cant cope you must seek out help from your GP. No-one has to know unless you tell them. Whatever goes on in your Drs surgery is private & confidential. And what does it matter if people no. We are all fighting a battle one way or another & there is no harm in asking for some help along the way. The longer you leave it the worse you will feel.

    Its up to you if you want to help yourself. I hope you do.



  • Hi

    I agree with all the other comments, but with one reservation - you seem to be depressed in response to specific circumstances, a very normal understandable response. It may be better to ask the GP to refer you to a counsellor and also to see whether there are any employment advisors in your area rather than just let the GP prescribe you with medication. Defining your tearfulness as depression could result in your seeing yourself as a person with a mental illness (depression) rather than just as someone coping with circumstances that are difficult, frustrating and very painful. Also I wonder do you have any other sources of support i.e. family, friends? That will obviously affect how you are able to cope.


  • Just listen to the advice above. It is pure truth. From 1 who is there already.

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