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Back to "Normal"

I'd started to have a breakthrough. I had almost stopped cutting. But recently, things with my life took a freefall. I've started to cut again. I've broken my promise, my record, my streak.

But this time, I'm hoping I stop. I'm due to start medication soon so I can't wait for that. I will keep you posted.

Sorry this is short.

I love you all. Xxx

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Setbacks are disappointing, but keep positive, take one day at a time, and I hope you soon stop again and are back on track.



Don't be ashamed of having a setback. We really need to find other, better ways of coping (in my case various sensory things) before we can give up self-harm, eating problems or whatever.

Thinking of you.

Ann xx


Do try again.Keep positive.We will support you


Hey, I've started a new start so I'm feeling a lot stronger. I'm starting on my medication tonight, I'm a little bit nervous, but hoping I get a lot better. Thankyou for your support! Xxx


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