Back to basics

Back to basics

What a week from hell. Woke up last Monday and could hardly move with back

Pain. Eventually yesterday my Dr. Referred me to Orthaepedic Surgeon. He was

Fantastic and very kind and reassuring . He went through everything with me,

And told me all about what he may do. He has me scheduled for MRI next week,

He thinks it's a disc problem that's pressing on a nerve.

I came up very reassured about it, he thinks I may need a nerve root block, but

He won't see me again till he gets results of MRI. I came out armed with prescription

For strong pain killers. I filled it immediately, I have never had so much pain in

My life.

I did pop in here now and then during last week, but could not write much.

Anyway folks that's where I'm at. My friend came around today and took me

Grocery shopping and walking was painful, even doped up on pain relief, I can't

Seem to bend my back backwards. Lol . How boring is that, ah well, it's good

To be in touch,

Lucy hope your ok too , I know it's a hard time for you. I actually prayed

Last week when I was in a lot of pain, and you were all in my prayers


Hannah Xx

P S. I know I'm not a great one for posting about myself, so I'm

Getting better at that.


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13 Replies

  • Sorry to hear about the pain.

    Hope the painkillers don't leave you feeling totally zonked.

    Had problems with the head this week - migraine for a few days and now its the sinuses so can sympathise - affecting what I can do slightly but not as much as lack of B12 was going a few months back.

    Hope results of MRI are quick and you get things resolved soon.

  • Ah thanks Gambit, yes I hope it gets sorted very soon.

    How are you keeping? Are you feeling any better?

    I'm sure Cats are keeping you busy, the weather here has been

    Great. So I guess it's Thankful for small mercies.


  • cats are fine.

    Not too sure about the weather - live in a very humid area so hasn't exactly been pleasant for the last week ... and part of the reason for the headaches. However, have been able to play bowls without getting wet which is good.

    Spending more time on the PAS site these days. Really starting to think that most of the depression I've suffered for years was down to the B12. CDC (Centre for Disease Control) in US has a site trying to promote awareness of B12Deficiency amongst doctors in the states - the banner headline there is that 1 in 31 people over the age of 51 will be suffering from B12D ... don't really see why it should be any different here ... which isn't really a rare problem, so kind of makes you wonder why it is treated that way by most GPs in the UK.

    Really hope you feel better soon.

  • It's good to see you post Hannah keep it up! What painkillers did the doctor give you? My sister has severe osteoarthritis and has gabepentin which she says is good. When the pain is more severe she has tramodol. This is stronger and she tries to avoid taking it if she can because it makes her sleepy. But it might be worth it if your pain is that bad. Hope you are feeling a bit better soon my friend. Lots of hugs (((((((((((((((((Hannah))))))))))))) xx

  • Hi Cough , thanks for that Dr.put me on Lyrica which is something the

    Same as your sister has.

    It's awful, and I sympathise with anyone who has back pain.

    Hope you are well Cough.

    Hugs to you

    Hannah x

  • Glad you are getting better at posting about yourself Hannah as you deserve it ! Sorry to hear of all the pain; it is very draining I know and can feel lonely. But at least we all have each other on here and iwe support each other.

    I like the photo you put up. Will PM you tomorrow Hannah as wee bit tired at the minute but just sending some hugs your way.

    Gemma Xx

  • Thanks Gemma ,

    Don't worry about replying. Yes I took that photo in Cafe with IPhone .


    Hannah x

  • Oh Hannah, I am so sorry you are in so much pain. Hopefully the specialist will sort things out, meanwhile try to rest as much as possible - are you off work? Yes, do post about yourself and not only help other people - we can support you too. Suexxx

  • Hi Sue

    Thanks for that. I'm lucky that I'm retired as I'm free

    From that " I must get better soon" .


  • So sorry to hear that the pain has got that bad. Hopefully the MRI scan will pin point the exact cause. One of my friends has just had surgery on a protruding disc (she's 44) and it has alleviated a lot of the pain in her legs from the trapped nerves. Fingers crossed for you Hannah.

    Sarah xx

  • Hannah I'm so sorry I've only just seen this! I don't think I logged in at all yesterday. How are you feeling today? My Mum had a prolapsed disk which pressed on a nerve in her back. She suffered really badly for a long time. Surgery was the the only thing that sorted it out. That was almost 20 years ago though!

    Thank you for thinking of me Hannah, especially when you're in pain. Maybe someone up there was listening to your prayers, because Mum has been feeling a little bit better this week.

    I'm off on holiday on Tuesday, but have made sure internet in my phone will be working, so I'll stay in touch! X

  • Ah thanks Lucy, Consultant did mention operation, I would try

    Anything to get it sorted, it's been an awful week.

    MRI next week and then Dr.will. Take it from there. He is a lovely

    Guy and I have real confidence in him.

    The Forum is great Lucy as I feel people care about one

    Another, which is worth the


    Hannah x

  • Hi Hannah,

    I'm sorry for the late reply. I've had a few challenging days myself so have only been flitting in and out now and then.

    My sympathies regarding your pain, it really doesn't sound pleasant. You've done amazingly for coping with that kind of discomfort. I'm glad something is going to be done about it and that you have very good medical people on the case. Once the results come through at least you'll know exactly what we're dealing with, and once that's the case, there's no doubt that something can be done to improve your situation. I hope the painkillers are doing they're job and not distancing you from everything too much. I really hope things move forward soon and you don't have wait much longer.

    Maybe after your shopping trip your friend will realise that you have your difficulties and be more considerate towards you now.

    Well done for posting. :) I know you tend to hold back and put on a brave face so I think you should be really pleased with yourself for speaking out and being honest.

    Sending you warm hugs,

    Fay xxxx

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