Hello guys,

I know, I haven't been there since a long time but I have my reasons :(

Anyway, now I'm here and I hope everyone's alright!

So yeah.. I'm writing this post just to let you know that I'm feeling bad again, more depressed and more sad than I was before. I'm slowly giving up.. I have tried everything but it's like nothing can help me..

I have tried to let myself take some rest, stop any contact/virtual contact, talk to people... Everything..

But I'm still feeling sad.. I don't know what to say more..

I hope this is better for you.

Lot of hugs.

-another young girl. xx

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  • Hi I am so sorry you have the dreaded black dog again. Is there anything you can pinpoint that started it off? Are you taking meds or having any counselling. Maybe you should go back to the doctor and tell them how you are feeling. x

  • Hey..

    Little things like fight with my parents, remembering some things about the past..

    No, I have nothing of this..

    I already have done it, but yeah, I don't really believe my doctor now..


  • Hi there another young girl; it's really not long since you posted last and you did seem a bit better last time as you'd had a talk with your aunt.

    I am sorry everything is feeling so desperate again for you. Why do you feel you are a monster another young girl? It sounds like you are a young person in pain rather than a monster.

    Hugs to you, Gemmalouise ((((())))))) X

  • Hey gemmalouise.

    Yeah.. I don't really know what day is or which time is it yk, I'm always in my bed trying to fight my demons..

    I feel like a monster because I always hurt people, I push them away and I'm mad with them..

    I'm not a cool girl, I'm not a beautiful/happy young girl.

    I'm more like Wednesday Adams (Adadams family)

    But yeah.. I'm mean, and the worst in that is that I don't care about that you know?

    This is like I deserve this feelings and this troubles..


    -another young girl

  • You sound like you are very angry with people "another young girl"? to a certain extent it is "normal" for many teenagers to be angry but you think it is more than this with you? You have your aunt you can talk to; are there any people you feel you can confide in can relate to how you are feeling right now?

    What makes you feel so angry do you think?

    Gemma x

  • Gemma,

    I am angry with people, you're right. But I am more angry with myself.

    I don't know.. Maybe?

    I don't want to talk with her anymore, she is always laughing about me in front of my parents, like she is laughing because I'm vegetarian and my parents are like so freaking mad about this thing, and she is putting me bad more than I was..

    I have my bestfriend, but she is depressed too so.. Yeah..

    And I have my ex boyfriend, but he doesn't understand, he doesn't understand my thoughts, my feelings, my demons.. So yeah..


    -another lonely girl.

  • Hey we all do that with others sometimes. It doesn't make you a monster - it makes you human x

  • But I don't do this sometimes...

    I do this all the time..

  • Hi Sweetpea,

    sorry to hear you have taken a couple of steps back again, these things happen and you just have to fight your way back up the ladder.

    One thing I did at the weekend is make a simple list of things I could or should be able to do for myself, things I will enjoy but still find hard to do. I kept looking at them and have now managed two of them! so it is helping me try to move forward.

    Its very hard when you just want to hide under the covers and shout, stop the world I want to get off, but if you can start some kind of plan, even if it's only on paper at the moment, it might start to help?

    Have you tried keeping a journal? sometimes it can help when you read back and find that every day wasn't bad and over a period of time, you might be able to see what happened on the better days, so that whatever helped bring you up you and do again.

    Keep trying Hon, were all here to support you xxx

    Hugs, Moni xxx

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your reply..

    I will try this!

    Yes, but idk.. It keeps me more down than I was..

    I hope I will have better days..

    Hugs <3

    -the little one xx

  • Hi Hon, have to seen whether you can find a regular councilor? someone you can speak to when your not at your worst that can help with some of the techneques to stop you sliping so far down?

    sometimes friends can try to see a funny side when they are nervious and can't think of what to say, it's very insensitive, but often not meant to be,i know that doesn't help you much when you are on the receiving end and cant think what you can do but perhaps avoid her for a little while.

    it may be of no help, but sometimes I go online and look up biorhythms, there are lots of free ones about now, I often find when I am very low it often shows that I am in a negative cycle, the good thing is then you can see in a few days things look at least to be heading in a better direction. If you have never heard of them you might find it interesting reading, they have been around for a long time and are supposed to match our physical, emotional and intelectual rhythms. it can't help much with reactional depression, but can help with the blues??

    hugs to you xxx

  • Hey,

    No, I don't really like talking about my problems and stuff..

    No I don't know what it is..?

    -another young girl xx

  • Hi

    I'm not going to reply to your post in any detail because I don't know you and don't have time, but I would just comment on my response to the square at the top of your post and say - if you feel you have turned into a monster then whatever you consciously remember - you cannot have been such a happy little girl - well, maybe happy, but not with your needs met - otherwise you would not have turned into a monster. Happy little girls whose needs have been met turn into adults who can cope with life without becoming monsters. Maybe you might think about what made you feel like being a monster and why it wasn't safe for you to feel like a monster when you were a child.


  • I wasn't like that when I was younger, I was a young happy cool little girl.

    And yeah, I'm thinking of that..

    Thanks for giving me a little of your time.

    -another girl

  • Hey Sweetie

    Please, do not say you turned into a monster! That's absolutely not true!

    When does school start for you? X

  • Hey !

    School starts in two weeks..

  • Hey you

    When you go back, please speak to a teacher about your feelings. I know it is hard but someone needs to help you and I'm sure the school will step in x

  • I will try.

    Thanks :)

    -another young girl xx

  • Hello I am in the same boat as you but not the same if you know what I mean I Have had a lot go on in my life and am not happy about but still here and and am still fighting ill health I don't think I am depressed just can't seem to do right for doing wrong hope you are OK and look after your self thanks Ian x