Depression/Bereavement help... what is this?

Recently I have been feeling extremely low and sad almost constantly, I have good and bad days but mainly bad. I lost my mum to cancer in 2006 and at the time I didn't really grieve or even accept the situation - I was 10 - but recently I have felt very affected by the loss, and just feel generally depressed. I cannot afford counselling and am unsure what to do ?

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  • Hi

    Good to meet you. First of I am sorry to here about your mum bereavement can take a while to get over with regards to the depression it may be an idea to go and speak with your GP. You can usually access free counseling through the NHS but your GP needs to refer you. Keep posting we are here to listen and support you

  • Hi, I agree entirely with admin's advice and would urge you to seek help from a counsellor at this stage of your life. My dad left home when I was 11 and I felt as though he dies: he had died for me. I didn't feel able to seek help and as a result have spent much of my life dealing with depression that mostly stems back to that time. Now as an adult it's so much harder to grieve than it would have been if I had sought help at an earlier time. Do see your GP, Suex

  • Hi Heather, welcome to the group.

    Often we don't realise the effects of an event until years later, and it sounds like you're now going through the process of coming to terms with the death of your mum.

    If you decide to go to your GP, be clear what you want - and make sure the doctor has thought about all the options - ie, counselling and anti-depressants.

    As Getting-By said, keep posting here, too :)

  • You might also like to try Cruse, which specifically supports people around bereavement issues. Go to:-

    Good luck, and keep posting

    Rose xxx

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