Depression is blighting my life

I feel so awful - had to hand in my notice at work for a number of reasons, the final straw being shouted at by my line manager for 20 minutes over nothing. I've just had very bad flu and now have a bad eye infection and spent yesterday at the eye hospital. They are paying me my notice period but I've worked myself into a complete state because if I don't get another job we can't pay our mortgage and bills. I'm in bed, can't see out of one eye, can't face doing anything. Feeling dire. Help! People say I'm good at my job but this illness is affecting my ability to do anything.

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  • Hi

    Oh No, it's awful that you felt so desperate as to have handed in your notice, your boss had no right to shout at you like that, a job is a legal contract and you had a right not to be shouted at. I think you might consider contacting CAB to see whether you have any comeback in terms of being bullied in the workplace and forced into resignation, but more importantly they can help advise you about managing if you can'g get another job which is very likely given the recession. Do phone them, you can google or they should be in the yellow pages. Don't try to manage alone without advice because I know from experience that financial worries can quickly pile up and cause major problems so the sooner they are taken in hand the better.


  • The lady above, is right, it happened to me, and I got depressed over it, you need to speak to acass,,, they will work on your behalf. Do a search on the computer on ACAS. My son had to do the same, and its not unusal to get depression after the flu either..

    Take care Linda

  • I am sorry you are in this situation. I agree totally with Sue's and Linda's advice.

    The only other thing I would say is go to your doctor and get a sick note. If you have paid enough national contributions over the past 2/3 tax years you should be entitled to benefit fo the time being. Its not much but it all helps. If you try to sign on Job seekers allowance you might not get anything because you gave up your job voluntarily.

    If your partner earns a low wage you might be entitled to help with council tax benefit, working tax credit and if you have dependant children child tax credits. Go to your CAB and they will help you.

    Bev x

    PS I used to work for the Department of Work and Pensions!

  • I have been in your situation before and would advise you to get help with your finances sooner rather than later as the pressure of money worries will only add to the way you are feeling. Most mortgage providers can offer a 6 month payment break and as your mortgage is probably your biggest outgoing its well worth looking into as it would take a lot of the pressure off and give you time to get back on your feet. You seem to be very run down - getting an eye infection and flu and I think you need to make some time for yourself. Sometimes a change of environment and a new challenge are just whats needed and I am sure you will find a new job soon.

    Take care x

  • Hi all - many thanks for the support and advice. I'm not entitled to any benefits as my husband works (I found that out when unemployed two years ago) and I have not been with my current employer for two years so no chance of constructive dismissal either . However, I have my notice pay (three months) and savings for another month or two so I have some time to sort something out. I feel very slightly better today (apart from the eye which is no better at all) and despite my anxiety have managed to find a couple of jobs to apply for. I am just taking it easy and trying to distract myself when I get into a panic about the future! Moneywise we can't get a mortgage break as we are in arrears although we have nearly paid that off but in any case they don't offer that. We also have a secured loan (long story involving us being defrauded out of money by an ex business partner of my husband) but if we survived that we will carry on. Even if I end up working picking up litter I will be better off healthwise than I was working at my latest job. I am still having dips and troughs but with prayer and support I will get through this and move forwards. Thankyou xxx

  • I have just finished work after handing in my notice too, it was all too much for me. Same fears as you coiiboo in respect of finding a job, but you know what we have been brave to do what we have done takes guts and courage !! I am old school have worked all my life. I'm scared now yes and my anxieties are in full flow, I hope you and I continue to be brave and fight with our anxieties and get a job. Good luck to you xxx

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