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Hi I am having problems with my mental health and I don't know what to do my GP said that to find a group called the wellbeing group she said that it will help you.

8 Replies
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Hi Petrina,.bless you..I totally know Where your coming from .

May I ask are you in the UK?

I'm only just diagnosed with high grade 3 level anxiety and depression after waiting 2 months for a telephone assessment from my self referral to Birmingham healthy minds , im unsure if they are wide spread over UK, maybe try Google in if on Internet at home.

They then told me post assessment that I needed the highest level of counselling face 2 face ... but it could take 9 months minimum to wait .

Everywhere nhs wise is struggling with mental health support yet that does not bode well with us who are suffering.

Please if you ever feel suicidal then call samaritans ; or dial 999 , call a friend or close family member if you can .

I was given a course to do called silver cloud, you can get the app but unsure if you need referral to actually use it ? .

Try not to worry or overhhink if u can

It's difficult I know as I'm the same way

Has your dr not suggested any medication? .I used to be on sertealine but started not working and giving me heartburn so I'm now on amyltriptiline, 6 weeks now , it does help me sleep a bit longer I will admit , and I think its somehow starting to kick in ..

Your not alone in this , if ever u need to pm me then please do so

Linda x

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Petrina_gmfc in reply to Millie09

Hi I live in UK Glasgow in Scotland . I am on tablets I was on them years ago my GP put me on them she tried the low does that did not help but now she has put me on a higher does to see how that goes .

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Millie09 in reply to Petrina_gmfc

Hi Petrina Well thats good , I used to be on 50mg of sertraline, then upped to 100mg ,that worked for a good few years up till last year.. so I'm trying amyltriptiline, makes me more sleepy 😴 than anything so I'm back to drs this week ... trial and error ..

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Petrina_gmfc in reply to Millie09

I was my GP that said try the well being thing I have a lot of people I can talk to .

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Millie09 in reply to Petrina_gmfc

Great it's good to have others to talk to , I have a good friend whom listens ,never judges but is a tower of strength when needed .. I hope you start to feel.better soon

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Petrina_gmfc in reply to Millie09

Thanks for the advice

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Millie09 in reply to Petrina_gmfc

Your welcome x

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JerryLeeLee in reply to Millie09

Hello Petrina & Millie.

My doctor was about to put me on Sertraline, however, i've always been somewhat reluctant to take any medication and have usually opted for a more natural approach. I have read not very nice things about the drug and don't really wish to start it.

I have been bedridden with PoTS, on top of severe anxiety and agoraphobia, I was very active before this and working, going for trips out, meals, country walks etc with the dog.

We had a German Shepherd called Tai, but he died last year, aged 12, which was devastating. After the covid lockdowns, my partner was called back into work and I've been on my own since, I miss him dearly, he would come into my room and bring me love and comfort.

Pets are great, I have a tarantula in my room, (10 years old), and recently I was given a beautiful goldfish, which is next to my bed. These give me a little extra responsibility and add something to my daily routine.

Coming onto this site seemed like the right thing to do, there seems to be some nice genuine people here, whether they can give advice, or a little comfort, or just someone to talk to when you're lonely.

I still struggle from day to day with debilitating physical symptoms, but I try to find things that help occupy or stimulate my mind, games, puzzles etc, which also help pass the time for me.

The key is definitely support, and I seem to be lacking in this right now, apart from my partner, whom I feel a total burden to, I don't think i'm getting the correct support.

Last year I was passing out on several occasions, and with the stairs being right outside my bedroom, I was at a great risk of serious accident. So, in October, we moved into a lovely little bungalow.

However, although our living environment has improved, i'm very much a fish out of water, I don't know the area well, I have a new doctor and i'm now under a new mental health service, none of whom i've met, all total strangers.

I'm rambling now, where am I going with this? I guess i'm just here to say hello, chat, share my situation with you both, let you know that you're not alone, and maybe get to speak to you soon.

Take care and hope to hear from you.

Neil x

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