Am I being overly sensitive or not?

Ok I need opinions on this if someone said to you:

I told my mates your pretty but no supermodel.

If you lost weight I'd be more turned on.

If you lost weight, you'd 've so fit.

My ex's keep texting me wanting sex but I said no.

The ex that's like a supermodel knocked on my door the other night wanting sex but I told her to go away.

Sat in a restaurant " she's fit".

During a conversation about being drunk and kissing another person. To which I said it was unforgivable "no because if I don't know what I'm doing then you can't say it's unforgivable".

Be honest how would this make you feel.

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  • do you really want to be with someone who talks to you like that and does not know what they'r doing. what are they going to do the next time they dont know what they'r doing. i'd get rid asap. love grace xoxo

  • Grace I totally agree, why on earth would anyone think that this is healthy or normal. I think it's time to work on your self esteem and look for a boyfriend who will treat you with respect.


  • It would make me feel like running as far away from that person as humanly possible. You're worth more don't settle as second best. ☺

  • I would not spend another second with this person, however I don't know your circumstances and you may not think you have a choice. You do. If you can, make a clean break and no going back - I know easier said than done, oh how I have been there! If you can't break immediately due to housing or finance, speak to friends and family, gather your support network around you, protect yourself. As Dr Seuss says, You are you, that's truer than true, there is no one alive more youer than you! You are a unique, wonderful human being, the only one of you on the planet earth, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Deep breaths and strike out on your own, it's not as scarey as you think. Good luck.

  • I would get rid of this idiot who criteria for how much he likes a girl centres on how 'fit' she is in his eyes. Do you want to spend your time with him feeling demeaned and inadequate ?


  • Ditch him. He'll destroy your self esteem

  • Frankly Tigger1988 This is off topic !!


  • You know the answer to your question, it's there in the way it is presented. Your self-worth and self-confidence need to flourish and they don't stand a chance with this 'weed'. Dig him out of your life if you can and watch yourself 'bloom'.

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