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Therapy and med maintenance

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I've recently had a therapist who up until a few weeks ago had been supportive and some what of a life coach. She was aware of my bipolar depression and aware that my med doctor had been pushing anti-psychotics to help relieve a depressive episode.

Here's what happened: On the day of our appointment I had just had a rougher than normal two weeks. I confided in that my life had been unmanageable and I was feeling suicidal. She asked me if I had a plan in place, however that plan had been made years ago. And so she told me that have to report it to the authorities and that perhaps a stay in a psych unit would be best. I've been hospitalized before; self admitted and very naive about what actually goes on.

I think everyone here knows that when in a psych unit you are treated like it's your fault being mentally ill. I had already explained this to her, and she was so sorry I had been through that.

And yet, here she was telling me she had a legal responsibility "to ensure my safety. In all the 30 years of having been in therapy not one single time was I told psych unit care might be necessary. She hurt me and I felt betrayed. I fired her and still haven't found another therapist. I suppose suicide hotlines are confidential and anonymous for a reason. Has anyone here had a similar experience? If so,what did you do?

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Have you contacted your past Therapist since you sacked Her. ?How long has it been since the incident ?

Were you admitted to a Mental Health ?

You mention thirty years of therapy did you have a therapist (s) over the extended period. .

Yes you seemed to be stressed, so under those circumstances and Her fear she would fell you were at risk, a Voluntary section may have been considered.

If She felt really concerned a Compulsory Section whould have been sought

Because of the time She had known you, she may have felt you were strong enough and discharged you When did this happen ?


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TheFisherKing1998 in reply to borderriever

Hi Bob,Thank you for your reply and concern. This happened back in May and I haven't talked to her since and she hasn't checked in with me. During the course of my treatment for mental illness, therapists and psychiatrists have left the clinics they worked for, relocated to areas too far away or out of state, have closed their practices or retired. This is one of just a few times I've been without a therapist and I definitely need them and I'm actively looking in my area despite my having lost trust with the psychiatric community. If it weren't for gas prices I could expand my search.

Thank God she didn't follow through with her "concerns". And while she may have been attempting to cover her professional responsibilities, she didn't try to talk me off the edge, either. I will be asking a lot of questions before choosing another. Actually, I'm considering a life coach since my insurance will cover it.

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Hi 🖐and thank you for your post to reach out 👍.I am not familiar with the mental health system in any country other than Australia. Take Bob's advice.

Having said that, your therapist was correct in asking if you had a plan to take your life.

The therapist should have also asked if you have a safety plan to consult. If you don't have one, put one together. The safety plan is not a set format but at least will have details of who to call, an action for you to commit to, your doctor and medications. Find one that suits online, print it off and hand it to your new therapist.

The safety plan is as important as your treatment plan.

All the best 🦘

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TheFisherKing1998 in reply to blackcat64013

Thank you for advice black cat. Some of what you suggested is in place, but printing out a safety plan for a new therapist is an excellent idea. And while my therapist was right to ask if I have a plan, I don't think it was correct for her to say, "If you do have a plan, I'll have to call the authorities..." Please know it's not my intent to be argumentative here. Thank you for your help!

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In the UK a CPN is generally restricted to twelve sessions, at the end of this period you may need to move onto a different type of treatment and this could be the end of this twelth session a discussion will possibly take place to find out what you have learnt and if you are ready to move on. You could be given here an extra period of time to make the breaking of the relationship. Here it is all down to Good-bye Mr Chips where you begin to take over your life once nore and hopefully what you have learnt has put you in good stead

Good Luck with your positive life changes and expectations


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