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10 weeks ago I was diagnosed with anxiety, which has been bubbling away for years. I guess at least 38 years. In March, I turned 43. So, this will give you an ideal of how deep-rooted the problem is. Again, in the 80’s, there was no such thing as anxiety or depression, only feeble and worthless people. I’m dyslexic, so in my early years, was subjected to relentless mental bulling and torment. As, in those times, dyslexia was a word given to the academically inept and the stupid. Even the teachers would mock me in class, never mind the kids.

I’ve just never seen anyone about it; I’m a typical alpha male. Boys don’t show their emotions and we just need to suck it up. Hence why suicide numbers, in men, rocket by the day.

I was prescribed Sertraline last month and more recently, I was prescribed Amitriptyline due to experiencing daily tension headaches. I’m now also on Sondate XL.

I’m now anxious about forming a dependency on these heavy-duty prescription drugs.

Your comments, feedback and general support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance 🙏

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My brother is dyslexic but what he does right, is he talks and with so much interest in subjects, that you start becoming interested. He has lots of friends and gets along with everyone at work (given a few you can't get along with). He is seriously a good communicator and does well in life!

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My post isn’t about success, popularity or whether I’m a good communicator or not. I’m a successful business owner, highly articulate and knowledgeable. I’m talking about emotional abuse as a child leading to depression and anxiety as a lasting result today, which is having a detrimental effect on my life and overall mental health.

I have anxiety as well as depression and OCD and I am on Sertraline. You will not become dependent on anti depressants - they are just replacing the chemicals your body can’t make at the moment and will help your brain make them again. You wouldn’t worry about taking medication for physical health conditions such as high blood pressure and this is the same! Hang on in there and you will get through this!!

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Thank you; that’s helpful and reassuring.

Like you I have deep rooted anxiety and depression, from my early years, I have been on and off medication throughout the years, I am on a strong dose of Amitriptyline just now as well as venlaflaxin. I have came off medication several times, with no problems, the best advice I can give is, start seeing a counsellor, it is the best thing I have done, I am in no way saying it’s easy, but I have been encouraged to talk about my childhood, and I am starting to see the pattern that started when I was very young, until I did this I couldn’t understand why I am the way I am. Hope this helps you.

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It does; very much so. Thank you for sharing. I’m also on Amitriptyline as well as other meds. I’m in my 3rd week of counselling too.

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Westie-love in reply to RUNJPR

Glad you are having counselling, it’s a long journey but it does help

Hello pleased to meet you.

Please if I can say a little about my self here to be supportive and offer anything I can advise suggest.

I have mental health since early teens alcoholic addiction history since early twenties now clean but spend a lot of my time with anxiety depression.

Help my self acquire used knowledge expertise and qualifications in during illness.

Got a lot of experience volunteering in mental health charities disability charities plus gained foodie qualifications in Nutrition food science and diets helps me a lot.

Joined many one day courses . About medications the effects and many other aspects of lifestyle .

Regarding mental health.

Including my own personal interests in herbs spices and alternative therapies how these are used especially in Chinese, Indian and Asian Cultures.

Use what I know to advise communities forum members..

The main thing with any mental health issues you have come on to this community and are talking discussing what is hurting harming you mentally.

Understand that is important the need to express how you are daily.

With any medications I do know they are effective very much so and are useful in helping you cope day to day.

With all meds look at the leaflet in the packets. Lots of information advice and need to add be aware it is a common aspects of meds.

Side effects common symptoms tiredness headaches stomach bowel issues, sweating, insomnia, weight gain and appetite increased.

I would consider reading the leaflet because certain food can hinder the absorbing of the medicine you are taking.

Grapefruit Juice with Sertraline on example.

One suggestion I do have is to look at your lifestyle your social life your diet nutrition.

Mentioned work pressure adjustments, schedule changes adapting to coping are all essential to dealing the issues.

Diet Nutrition important in connection with any changes of diet or nutrition is also a benefit helps the medications.

Combined eating healthy diet lots of fruit vegetables, lean meat.

Leafy Greens Spinach, whole grains bread rice pasta beans all help with the medication to improve quality of your life.

Fish, Eggs, Yoghurt with added bacteria cultures calms fluttering stomach help fight bowel issues.

One other important note avoid alcohol smoking both can be come addictive a common problem .

Avoid Caffeine in Tea, Coffee, Cola, Energy drinks, Chocolate.

Caffeine a stimulant more you consume the more symptoms become worse.

I do not know if you based in the UK, there are mental health charities I used.

Often can sign post you support you to relevant charities dealing with abuse of which there is many.

Bullying intimidation and it is always a good idea to get help with any of that, I should know had this my self.

I have my self do know the difficulties of trying to cope with mental health but am open and honest that is something you have done here.

The charities I used.

All these might not be in certain areas of the country if you live else where in the World plenty of charities on line and in communities often small beginnings but worth looking at.

All charities offer those in the UK do a wealth of knowledge support care plans aims and goals to need you to cope with their support in the long term.

Use coping methods strategies.

Have used many of the incentives schemes and courses they provide.

I hope this helps you one other if you are concerned about medications you are taking discuss this with your GP.

If not listening or not be helpful does happen in my own experienced time with medical professionals.

Use an advocate last charity RETHINK I added helps here if contacting them then speak on your behalf.

If not based in UK there be some other advocate service for you.

In your country.

I wanted to add always happy to be helping advising ready to listen.

Know the problems.

Wish you well please take care .

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RUNJPR in reply to MrRigatoni

Thanks for this; I’ll have a good read, digest, reflect and revert. I appreciate your support 🙏

I would also like to reassure you that not only have you absolutely done the right thing by making the decision to take some action after all these years and not be hindered by anyone’s idea of what an alpha male should or shouldn’t feel, but also I wouldn’t worry about becoming addicted to your meds. I came off sertraline a few years ago very easily by decreasing my dosage over a period of time. I’m back on them again now though!! I think I’ll stay on them this time as I’d forgotten how awful my anxiety was and how debilitating. You may find after a while, when your anxiety is under control, that you can cut back a bit, but in the meantime be kind to yourself and take whatever help is on offer and start to enjoy your new life without anxiety.

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