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I'm here because uh, I've been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. I doubt a lot of people will see this, but ..uh, I'm insecure about seeking help. or, introducing myself on this site.

Anyway, i just want to say that whaever you're going through, i know how hard it is. and I quit a lot of times too, so it's okay to quit once in a while. The thing is i get extremely nostalgic at times..I hate change. I'm attached to my past..and I can't seem to let it go, no matter what. And, I.. am terrified of growing up.

I'm terrified, right now, because I have my online class going on beside me..and I have serious trauma associated with my class. so.. i get extremely anxious when I'm attending class, and i hate to admit, my therapist adviced me to keep doing it, no matter what.

And ofcourse, uh, I always feel that no one understands.

( ・ั﹏・ั)

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Keeping your goal or your future achievements in mind should help. The feeling you have accomplished something. Using your classmates and teacher for advise about the course or previous questions. You be will get there and we’ll done for all effort made Use YouTube and search for educational video it might help just google

yeah, well, that's the thing. the only reason I'm depressed in the first place is because of thinking of the future too much. When I'm doing my class, I can't stop comparing myself to my fellows and i get easily intimidated, cue the sweat. forget accomplishments, I can't even think of studying anything, 'cause that's all i am— a failure. morever, the more i look towards my classmates and my teachers, the more i realize I don't wanna be them. because for some reason i think that being them would suck, and i get depressed because of that. i know this is a pretty twisted way of thinking but, when i think about literally anyone, i immediately conclude that being that person would be depressing, and that's why i seek tv sitcoms, to escape reality.

thanks for the reply though ;)

Hey RemotestBeach I have clinical depression, anxiety and PTSD I really get where your coming from is hard to explain to someone your depression when they really don't understand because they have never been through it. its normal to compare yourself to others. one of the reasons you do this is because you feel like you cant measure up to them or that your not as good. One of the things I did was to work on myself. Self love teaches you a lot and its not just appearance is also taking care of your mental health. Your body and mind are connected so depending how you feel mentally affects how you are physically. You can pm me any time. im here ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, that helped,and yeah, i'm working on self-love.

of course Im here if you need me *virtual hug*

You should be proud of yourself for stepping out of the shadows and posting here. Depression and anxiety are a challenge. I struggled with it while I was away at college for the first time and still fight with struggles today. Be encouraged to seek help cause it hard to go it alone. Finding that therapist is a big step, but you can do it. I will pray for you. Father I pray in Jesus' name for RemostestBeach, God help them to look to you for peace. Help them to stop comparing themselves to other people but to see how you made them to be a unique individual. Please provide peace for RemostestBeach's mind in Jesus' name. Amen.

You are not alone and you will meet many on this site who are suffering similar problems. Life can bed difficult if we have these concerns, so welcome to this site.

Most of your way forward will be down to you and various ways you can help yourself. You do not explain why you are suffering, although you have been seen by your GP. You do not mention the treatment pathway that has been advised however you could try Relaxation Technique MINDFULNESS, books available on some book shops or Amazon for around £9;00, That will help you move on especially Breathing Techniques can help relax you

Possibly hobbies and diversions do help close of your negative feelings

Are you taking any medications


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