Am I depressed

So I moved to a new state months ago and I was really excited about it, now I'm here and I hate everything. I have no friends so all I do is sleep, I hate my job but don't want to quit because then I'll have nothing, I left a guy I was in love with back home. I feel sick all the time, I've gained weight, all I do is visit the same website every day. I cry a lot and want to write but can't think of anything interesting to write about. I start books but never finish them. I feel hopeless. Nothing makes me happy, I can't recall the last time I've actually smiled. No one likes me, I was homeless for months and every attempt I made at a gofundme to get help was ignored. I'm a loser. I try to fit in by commenting on people's statuses or sharing my experiences with people in person but no one wants to listen. The only people I talk to are at work and I hate it there so much. I have little iron in me so I feel terrible. I try to play video games but I get bored within minutes. I hate my life.


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  • Hi are you currently getting any help from a doctor? You sound like you have slipped into depression but obviously I cannot diagnose you as I am not a doctor. You might find meds and/or counselling can help you. I don't know if this is possible coz I guess you live in USA and I have no idea of the health system there.

    One tip I will give you - you will find that you get people's full attention when you listen to them rather than talk and you will find you feel less lonely. That's something I have learned in my life. I hope you find some help soon and start to feel better. x

  • Or that's so awful I don't no you but I'm Hear to talk to you. People will like ya don't ever think that hun honest. You will find someone someday who will settle down Nd hopefully cheer you up if you ever want to talk I'm here for you xwere you from

  • Do you mind me asking why you moved? Was it your choice? Can you move back if you want?

  • I moved with my family, and I also moved for higher education opportunities (but mostly because of my family)

  • If only it were that easy, my family moved out here so I have no family to go back to, my minimum wage job is no where near being able to afford a ticket back by train, plane or bus

  • I understand. And it is harder to meet people when you live with your family too. They can cramp your style something rotten. How about taking a second job in the evenings working in a bar, or something else if you have to be 21 there, such as a cinema or bowling alley. Anything busy and fun, and save your money up so one day you will have your freedom. Whilst you are looking, join a gym and go after work. Who knows who you might meet there.

  • Sounds you are depressed. You need to find new interests such as a hobby. You might be feeling insecure seen as you have just moved, you are having to get used to new people and a different schedule.

    Have you tried speaking to your family?

  • I've talked to my dad but he's not much help

  • My family I the same. My Mum is unsupportive. Your doctor is the safest option. Have you ever had counselling? Counselling has never helped me but it might help you.

  • I have not yet but I want to

  • I hope you get on well

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