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Hi. I am 16. I am female. I think I have depression but have not confirmed it. I don't want to go to doctors. All of the online tests said I have moderate to severe depression but I know you can't really trust them so... Do you know how I can get diagnosed without having to let my parents know? is there a number I can call or something? Or can I do it on here?

If I can here's my info:

- self harmed (but didn't draw blood)

- thought about how I'd commit suicide but would never do it

- sad most of the time

- often feel like I'm not real or like I am dead inside

- tired all the time

- can't face doing work

- low concentration

- headache all the time (literally)

- don't understand why people like me

- don't see the point in anything

- no appetite

- randomly really happy

- low self esteem

- pretend to be happy

- cry in toilets at school sometimes

- feel like crying when I have to meet new people

- worry about what people think

- have completely different personalities

- everything I like depends on my mood

- go from really sad to happy

- really irratable

- angry a lot of the time

- feel useless

- think I'm living for the sake of it

- stress over tiny problems

- don't need a lot of sleep

- struggle to sleep because of too many thoughts

- feel either really confident or terrified

- had a randomly confident period

- don't like telling problems to anyone

- often just watch tv all the time

- have a lot of deficiencies, like anaemia and stuff

And that's all I can be bothered for right now.

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The simple answer is you can't be diagnosed unless you see a doctor. Are you still at school? Is there someone there you could talk to? Or a friend or relative? x


Hi there and I agree with Coughalot. I have checked online and found the following information about confidentiality and your GP.

"If you're under 16, you have the right to a confidential consultation with a doctor, provided you make it clear that you do not want your parents to be told. However, your doctor can refuse to discuss the matter if they are unwilling to accept your request for confidentiality. If you're aged 16 and above, you have the right to confidential advice and treatment." (The link i got it from is below)

So I would say please go to your doctor and describe these symptoms. You have the right for your parents not to be told but do say this to the doctor when you go just to check. At some point you may want to tell your parents but that will depend what kind of parents they are and what is your relationship with them. If you don't know what to say print out what you have written on here and when you see the doctor say "I want to talk to you about something but I can't talk about it so I have just typed it out" and give her/him the piece of paper (printout).

Best of luck,

Gemma X


Hi, you are welcome here to talk about how you feel. Im afraid we cant give you a diagnosis as we arent medical professionals.

I suggest you speak to someone proffesionl. A gp or school medic will be confidential. But I would tell your parents how you feel. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Please feel free to talk on here. We dont judge.

David x


I do think it important to see your gp as it may be something like an under active thyroid that is mimicking depression. This is a difficult but important time of your life and you need all the help you can get.

Being ill, whether it's depression or something else is nothing to be ashamed of. And although you do have the right to confidentiality, it might help you to tell your parents eventually as they may be wanting to help but dont know how to.


Can't add to the advice already given but your list of symptoms sounds like you need proper help. Do go and see your doctor. Take of yourself. Lots of hugs, and regards. Lorna


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