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Sleep or depression

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If your not sleeping right and feeling down this could be mistaken for depression, and you may be taking tablets that you don't need.Its hard to work out, any ideas on this

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I can believe that.

I have anxiety then I get depressed about my anxiety.

My sleeping schedule is so screwed up but I feel like is because my deviated septum causes sleep apnea.

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ford08 in reply to alfreddy7

What do you take for your anxiety

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I don’t take any medication.But I do take supplements

Vitamin D

Magnesium Citrate

Fish Oil

I do meditation and deep breathing.

And when it gets to rough I take some Ashwaganda or Lavander pills

What isAshwaganda

It usually comes hand in hand. Depression usually causes sleep problems and sleep problems can lead to depression.anxiety causes sleep problems etc which can cause sleep problems and depression you need to speak to a doctor.these are all connected good luck .

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