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Denied treatment for severe depression and Bipolar Disorder by local NHS CMHT

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Hi All, I live in the UK and have been diagnosed with both Major depressive disorder, and Bipolar Disorder since age 18 when I was forced to leave University due to depression.

I am interested in anyone else in the UK who has been told by their local Community mental health team that they are now not going to be given support in the community - as "CMHT Services are provided to people with ENDURING Mental health problems." This is a direct quote from a letter from my local Consultant Psychiatrist.

To my complete disbelief it apparently turns out that the NHS has redefined the meaning of the word "enduring", and it now actually means that the only people who will receive Mental health services are those suffering from Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Eating disorders, Self harmers, Personality disorders - They are the only conditions which are now classed as being "Enduring" - the actual dictionary definition of which is lasting for a period of time. In my case this has been the majority of the last 40 years.

I am struggling to grasp the fact that the NHS appears to be now denying the very treatment they announced so proudly as Care in the Community! - Which, of course was their excuse for closing most Mental health hospitals, and selling the land off for a huge profit, which was then used to build luxury housing on!

OK, enough history - I am very interested in anyone else's experience with their local Community Mental Health services.


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They discharged me because in there words I wasn’t ready to do cbt, they seem to, what felt like me, gave up trying to help me.

They did however tell me to rerefer myself when I’m ready to try cbt again, they can’t seem to understand it doesn’t work for me I’ve tried on numerous occasions.

I was discharged after they gave up on me the care in the community is all talk and the we are here to listen is worthless sometimes I think do these people actually understand mental health

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 23 and was asked to go into my gp's care when I was 39. They wanted me to attend courses that social workers do so I could become a pier support worker or I could do volenteer work. Because I refused they claimed I wasn't involved in my recovery and couldn't be in the support group. After hassling me a lot I asked my psychiatrist if he thought I would help me recover going into my gp's care. Remember that. Your doc would never reccomend something that would harm you. Just ask, it will put your mind at rest.

Its not goodbuy and good luck. Your just going into a new part of your life. It might work, sometimes it doesn't. I know it must seem like a hairbrained plan. Its less unpleasant transitioning than it sounds. You can still see your gp and if you have med trouble you legally have to be reffered back to mental health team. It might be more stressful trying to work with a team who wants you to start seeing your gp.

I still have schizophrenia and my life its garbage, but now I see my gp. I'm 39 now.

One problem at this time seems to be rationing of services since COVIDPersonally I would discuss this problem with your Doctor, I have just went through a review for my Chronic Short Term Memory Disaster, and the matched up earlier test with ones just done, I was also given a repeat Scan to be checked over from two years ago. So basically I know what I need to be done, WHAT I PICKED UP FROM CBT I have to follow the techniques to control my Mental Health, Anxiety and Depression. from those treatment periods

They seem to go just so far and expect you to learn from past and learn from past experiences of past treatment plans. This seems to be caused because of Covid. That however is no consolation to patients with low mood.

Have you had any treatment in the past ? Future treatments will not be by appointment eye to eye, they will be done over phone and computer with if and when required and email appontment or similar. most appointments will be by Nurse Practicioners Doctors in the UK seem to be voting on this for possible strike action through their Union soon I understand. I cannot believe this although things changed with Covid ???.

I hope that does not happen ???

Try MINDFULNESS a technique to help you control your associated problems.


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