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Fear of starting a new job

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I have been signed off sick for 2 months now for Anxiety and depression,

I am very emotional and tearful a lot of the time , but I have panic attacks about starting a new job ,these are getting worse, I apply for jobs and when I get an Interview I turn them down, is there somewhere that I can get help for this?

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Hello Friend, I am sorry for what you are going through. Life can be hard sometimes. For starters, may be you could consider attending an interview. The worst that can happen is that they won't hire you and that's ok. By appearing for more interviews, you can build confidence and that makes you stronger in the long run.

Hello, welcome I can relate to how you must feel,, stress and Anxiety in a when attending interviews for a new job, employment.

Have you talked to your Doctor, have they introduced a treatment pathway to help you control this Anxiety. Make an appointment with a list of what is wrong, and a possible explanation why you feel the way you do. You explain you are on sick for the last two months, this can be counterproductive in getting a new job and then these problems will be self fulfilling and even more upsetting. You need to understand these fears and stress associated with this problem

Has your Doctor arranged any therapy , also are you on medications.

Controlled Breathing may help you control your Anxiety, you can find explanations on the Internet. You can also try Mindfulness a Relaxation Technique to help calm your move and it also can help with your sleep.

Books on Mindfulness can be purchased on Amazon.

The main way to help yourself is to talk out your problems possibly family may help or a Therapist. Has your Doctor arranged a course that will help you control your problems so you can possibly move on

Have you started your new job, before you had the problem with Anxiety and Deppression


Hi Bob,

I am on 45mg Mirtazapine and I am slowly getting used to it, I have a consultation with an adviser about therapy today 27th July , so hopefully I will get some help, I am unemployed at the moment, I am trying Silver cloud for CBT but need one to one I think?


Good luck with your therapy, make a list of all the sensations and problems you have talking will help, however over time with help it will be up to you to address your concerns and move on. You will improve and move on in a job that will be just for you and feel more at peace with yourself and people around you


Thanks Bob

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