Started new job, already want to quit

I started a new job today, thinking that this one will turn out much better, it's an admin position and I honestly had no idea how stressful it gets. I was very close from running away in the middle of my shift. I know it's only been my first day but I am already freaking out, I never freaked out like this at any other workplace, not during the first day! I have to go back there tomorrow and I am terrified...

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  • Hi it's only the first day and you can't decide you can't do or don't like a job until longer in it. Of course you are very nervous but no one can expect you to know it all until you have been trained up. Take a deep breath and try it for at least a month. If you really can't stand it look around for something different. x

  • Breathe, Toucangirl! It's all still new. Give yourself a certain set time, say a month, then if you still hate it, allow yourself to look for another position. You may find you like this one afterall. You are brand new & don't know how it all works, yet. In a month you may be working circles around everyone else.

  • I worked in admin posts for years, the worst one was government in child protection. My first day was indiscribable. However, I was determined and stuck it for five years. Do not let them beat you. Like your other replies I also recommend you stick at it for a least a month, being at home with no money is much worse. Keeping busy keeps you occupied so you have less time to dwell on other depressing things😊😊

  • Thank you everyone for your support and kind words! I'm just after finishing my second day. I had a small panic attack in the morning but then calmed down and managed to survive the day. The training is pretty intense due to staff shortages but I promised myself to work for at least a month before deciding if I want to stay or leave. I realized I need to give myself a chance, they wouldn't have hired me if I was that bad, right? Thank you again guys, I love you all.

  • Hi there. I had a pretty wise boss once. He told me - "It takes a year to get to know how to do a job. It takes two years to be good at it." So, don't expect to be a superstar on the first day :-) Hope things improve and you feel better about this job soon. I hope you even begin to enjoy it! Best wishes, Wen xxx

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