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Fast pace

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I always feel this pressure to respond right away when I see a message or email. I hate it. I feel like if I take my time people will think that I’m rude. I also feel like we’re so accustomed to getting things right away that sometimes there’s this invisible expectation or pressure. In the end, I end up avoiding my device, or turning off notifications or deleting certain apps to create boundaries and space. In person, I feel this as well when people hand paper work to me. I dislike the feeling a lot it makes me feel like I have to rush or keep up with a pace that’s quicker than I have time to think.

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Personally I cannot see a problem, you need to be comfortable in your own skin.Sometimes we get mail at times we are out and cannot reply, or we have company we are talking to, or you are working on other things we you need to discuss more urgent things at work.

Like today, I had post this morning, I was going out for free time to visit my interests and ancient sites, yes I could answer my posts, although I would be eating into the time I allowed for my free time. I returned then now beginning to answer various things. We need to be able to fulfill any other obligations I may have, as long as I deal with what comes in during that day

Stop knocking yourself up we need to be comfortable in our activities, not panicing when we feel people can see what we are doing, they cannot see you and you have other things that need your attention


I actually tend to feel that wsy too. I think borderriever had good advice on it.

Totally understand the feeling, it’s nerve wrecking to push yourself to live up to others expectations always and anyways! Give yourself time, and do things the way your comfortable doing them, at your pace. Otherwise people will think you’re fine with how you’re doing things the way you’re doing them now.

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