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Hello everyone

I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer or help me with.

1. Is there someone (a site or place or something) that can help me with my HW (specifically with creating a routine and figuring out how I am going to do each assignment, because I am having a hard time being productive lately and that is affecting my grades and I hate getting bad grades.)

2. going off the first question does anyone have any tips to help boost productivity, time management, or even just help me be in the mindset to actually do work when I need to because lately, I have not been wanting to do things even though I know I need to.

3. I struggle sometimes with feeling like everything is overwhelming and like I need to do something to take back control (like organizing everything for example) the reason I mentioned that is because that Is something else I have been feeling lately and I am not entirely sure how to get out of that feeling, so any tips or advice would help.

Sorry that it's a lot and probably not very correct grammatically, but thanks in advance for the tips/advice.

(my picture would not upload but it was just a quote that said "almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you"

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I am in my 40s and still struggle with this!!! 🤣🤣😩 I’m in a job where people depend on me to get things done well and on time. I have said to myself before, “What’s the least I can do?” You’ve probably heard the saying:

Q: How do you eat an elephant?

A: One bite at a time.

It’s amazing how much we can get done just by starting, badly, and muddling through. It ain’t pretty, but it gets the job done. For you, it sounds like you’re like me. Before I start a big project, I clean up my office. My coworkers even know, “Hey, got a big project due?” We laugh, but me with a paper towel and Windex means that it’s time to get down to business.

You may struggle with wanting to do things more in depth than is required. You may not even realize that fact. Try to resist that urge and just get it done badly once, and then go through if you have time to upgrade the answer. Good focus music helps me too. Like binaural beats for focus. Good luck to you!!


If you can incorporate some things you enjoy into your homework routine, that can be a brain booster :) I like to listen to music when I do homework because that helps my mood and feel comfortable even if I’m doing assignments that are tough.

Taking breaks to get your blood flowing is great too, it’s refreshing :) when I sit too long from doing homework, my brain goes bleh and I work less efficiently. Breaks help! And try to stay hydrated too :)

Start small with something simple/easy, we as humans tend to resist change, so a smaller change is easier to achieve. As you accomplish small things, there’s satisfaction in that (which helps with that overwhelming feeling because you are completing things and decreasing the number of things you gotta do), and your brain gains momentum so you can keep on working :)

I hope this helps :)

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Excellent advice for us all.

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I am finishing my degree this semester. Yayyy. I have adhd and general anxiety.

So this is what I do. I type out a list by date and by subject of every assignment due date.

Daily school work is on the calendar. I print out a calendar with month assignment due dates and class time.

I write out daily tasks.

This is what I do. Get exercise. Get sleep. Do assignments daily and watch tv to reward myself. It’s like work hard then play.

It is very important you plan out the work you have to do. Make a written plan out of what you want to achieve, Remember it is important you can walk away from one subject before getting tired and flustard. Small bites more information will be taken in and remembered, know when to change over to a different subject then move on through that subject. Keep a piece of paper to your side and write down what you consider is important to remember, follow the same pathway for each subject, Take breaks every two hours for half an hour . Return to the information you have written down and go through your notes, remember salient points. Remember cramming does not work. Move on at mealtimes and relax for at least an hour, Stop studying about one hour before sleep, relax.

It is important you have one night out a week, and if possible consider taking Sunday of, Remembering to read out your notes written out after each study session.. Take regular breaks. Small bites at a time. Cramming just blocks study, information retained


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So very helpful and to the point.

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