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I know there is something wrong with me, I am only 16 please help

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I am 16 years old and I do many online tests and symptom research because I feel as though there is something very mentally unstable, as this effects my school life/work, relationships & the way I am with people I get servere mood swings I could be best friends with someone & for no reason switch to hating them, I have many thoughts of suicide but feel too scared to go through with it, because I am too scared I then find myself wishing for something bad to happen to mean order to kill me. I usually do have a lot of confidence however has recently deteriorated. I sleep A LOT and always wake up feeling as though I have not slept much at all, and my main concern is that I let life take me along & do not have the energy or motivation to change anything in my life for example School work/grades. I also get physical symptoms like head aches and a very dry throat. I often find myself crying for no reason for a concerning amount of time, if anyone can find the time to read this and suggest anything I would really appreciate it.

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Just wanted to say hello. Your post makes me so sad, and it reminds me of my traumatic time in school 10+ years ago. All i can say is I hope you get better soon. You post touched a nerve. Good luck Chloe 🙏

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Thankyou for the support, it is just extremely hard as I also struggle with memory loss and I am doing my gcse’s So it is stress overload. Hope things have got better for you since high school

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I feel exactly the same but I have previously self-harmed when everything just takes over and I’ll always be feeling suicidal but can’t go through with it cuz I feel like I’d disgrace my family even more. Though when I get to sleep, I can sleep a lot; I really struggle to even get to sleep in the first place. I’m someone who never cries but for a while I have been just crying at things that never used to make me cry and sometimes I just cry myself to sleep. Are there any specific ways that would help me cope?

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Try taking saint johns warts tablets, I take them and it is a herbal tablet that I take an hor before I give to sleep and it prevents all the horrible suicidle thoughts and helps me relax, you will never dicrace your family, try not to self harm as I know you feel as thought it helps but it doesn’t it just reminds you of the pain, take some time to yourself to try relax and remind yourself how lucky you are to have everything you do, heart goes out to you, hope for the best

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thank you for the suggestions and thank you for the support

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I feel so sad that young people feel so pressurised these days. Exams were bad enough in my day and I did bite my nails and lose weight over things but now that there's social media it's much worse. I think your stability should be sleeping and eating properly as these things if not can cause mood swings and extreme behaviour. Also around your period you may feel up and down. A good multi-vitamin and more B vitamins in your diet or with supplements would help, particularly B6 and B12. These vitamins aren't store by our bodies and women are particularly low in them. Here's a link to help. If you still feel bad when your diet is balanced then see your GP, but hopefully this will help a lot. When we are stressed we use up these vitamins and even minerals which are in minute quanitities in our bodies and they need replenishing. If you haven't time to cook, try and find some healthy snacks from say, Holland and Barrett and microwave meals from supermarkets that are lower in fat and salt and sugar. healthline.com/health/sympt... Good luck and if you eat properly, you should be able to sleep better. Food to eat at night to help you sleep are turkey as it has Tryptophan which helps the body produce the B-vitamin niacin, which, in turn, helps the body produce serotonin, a remarkable chemical that acts as a calming agent in the brain and plays a key role in sleep. You can google other foods. It's amazing the role that natural foods play in our bodies. And by the same token, the bad role that quick, processed foods play too, leading to mood swings and depression. When I eat certain natural foods they can make me weepy and depressed, but that's because I have a load of food allergies which produce a whole range of different symptoms and they've taken me years to find out what's what! But if you can eat normally to start with, have a good breakfast before exams like porridge and milk and fruit, take a banana as a snack, then you won't go too far wrong. And I used to take some chewing gum into exams. If you are allowed to now, do so. If saves nails! In the evenings don't have a very hot bath, but a warm bath with lavender oil or drops in to relax. Good luck with the exams!

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Hello and thankyou so much for taking the time to reply, I take vitamin supplements and I have a liquid for vitamin D. I don’t struggle getting to sleep so much it’s staying awake, I sleep at around 10pm every night including weekends and wake up at around 7am (not on a weekend) and I am always extremely tired and feel very ditached from reality and due to that I get bad memory loss which my friends and teachers notice. The biggest problem I have had recently is with my boyfriend he is very good to me however I will switch from loving him and wanting to be with him to absolutely hating him and leaving for no reason at all, it causes problems however he does understand I have major mood swings, I would just love to know what exactly is wrong but thankyou very much for all the information I am going to eat a banana every morning for breakfast ha hopefully it may help

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Hi, ha ha, the banana certainly won't do any harm. Are you vegetarian or vegan or following a diet that is low in iron? Even some vitamin supplements may not be enough. Symptoms of low iron are:-

Symptoms of anaemia will vary depending on the type and cause, but include:

Fatigue and loss of energy.

Unusually rapid heartbeat, particularly with exercise.

Shortness of breath and headache, particularly with exercise.

Difficulty concentrating.


Pale skin.

Leg cramps.


And as a young girl, you need extra iron around period time. Vitamin C with a meat dish aids iron absorbtion. Also magnesium salts (epsom salts) in a bath will help your muscles and tension relax. I have fibromyalgia and this helps a lot, 3 times a week. I use probiotics and those are also in a soya yogurt or coconut yogurt as milk gives me sinus problems and pain. Milk can have antibiotics in. Whether you drink bottled water or tap water is up to you. Bottled water has the benefit of being purer although it is thought that the plastics leach into the water over time. However, tap water has been treated with loads of chemicals and been through the body about 10 times (eww, cringing?) The general option is to keep the body and mind healthy, get your gut bacteria right daily and eat a good diet or supplement well. Holland and Barrett will give you more advice about their products. If you don't each much meat then a liquid iron might be beneficial. So would a blood test from your GP just to rule out anemia and other issues. Do you drink lots of coca cola and drinks like coffee and tea, and those high sugar/low sugar energy drinks containing caffeine? My son is guilty of this, as are a lot of young people. These won't help you sleep, make you jittery and give you mood swings. Cut down slowly if so. Your body is like a car, only more precious. Put good petrol in and it works a treat. Put cheaper or the wrong fuel in and it splutters and eventually gives up. Of course, worrying about sleeping will make things worse and sleep is what makes the body heal. If you are sleep deprived, the mind starts to play tricks and you can get depressed this way. If nothing is working, see your GP for a little help. But get an appointment with one you like and feel you can talk to. I am fussy and only see a few for the important stuff. the others and bossy ones I try to avoid. Lots of young people can't talk to their parents, I couldn't. It's normal. As for self-harming, I hope when you feel like that you have a number to ring or a friend by your side to talk to. Can you write a diary with what you eat and drink, how you feel, however brief? There may be a pattern you aren't seeing. Some people get low before their period and some even have violent mood swings which is a hormone imbalance (if you think this, see your GP), some people get SAD, a depression in Winter due to lack of sunshine and they can get a light to help. (also see your GP). Lots to think about on top of all that work :( It sounds like you have a lovely boyfriend so can you talk to him and ask him if he has noticed anything/a pattern/ if you dont' eat properly etc.? Sometimes we are unkind the most to those we love, but they are the ones who know us best. Take care and be kind to yourself too. xxx

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I have had three blood tests in the past 4 months, all come back clear I have been to the gp many times however I am guilty of not explaining the full story, I am very badly vitamin D deficient and have a liquid twice a week for it but that is because i only leave my house to go to school other than that I don’t go out & yes I will take a thought of thought about your advice with food as drink and I don’t eat much meat because I am not vegetarian but I feel sick when eating it, eat chicken & turkey and that’s about it & I do drink a couple of coffees a day but along side that I drink lots of water, thankyou for all your help!! I really appreciate it xx

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Hi chloeakeroyd3 and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear things are so difficult for you at the moment. Please stay on this supportive forum where you will receive support from other members. There have been some very helpful replies. Are you able to talk to your family about how you are feeling, or perhaps to a member of staff from the pastoral team at school? Your GP will also be able to provide help and support. Remember that you are not alone. In the meantime, if you are feeling distressed, please call the Samaritans, Freephone 116 123 [ 24 hour helpline 7 days a week]. Keep posting and take care. Thank you and best wishes.

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Thankyou & yes I see the school nurse and pastoral worker and attend a group within School, I struggle to talk about problems especially to my parents as I get very embarrassed I have no clue why, I find things a lot easier to type and this support on here is really helpful, thankyou for your time, is that number for crisis reasons?

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Hi chloekeroyd3, you are always welcome to use the forum. Please continue to post and other members will help and support you. The Samaritans provide a listening ear 24 hours a day 7 days a week if someone is feeling distressed. There are also some Crisis Support helplines on the pinned posts section on the screen. Thank you and best wishes.

My advice is to stop doing online tests and get yourself checked out at the doctors.in my experience online tests tell you all sorts and that will worry you more and won't help

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Yeah I do tend to hope for things to be wrong I’m not quite sure why I always wish for bad things to happen but I’m going to book a doctors appointment and write everything out before i go

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Sounds like a plan and that's the start

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Hi to all, I'd like to say with regards to your exams & your concerns about your bad memory, you need to sit down plan a exam/revision chart with flash cards, time slots and treat yourself for sticking to it.

Also don't over revise as it will drain you...

I write everything down ad my memory has gone I am Bipolar.

So if you want a chat I'm here x

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Thankyou very much I am a clever girl however I don’t revise much recently as I am always so tired so I get home and go to sleep, however I used to revise a lot & how is it being bipolar? I have a thought in the back of my head that I have symptoms but try not to think about it x

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I remembered I felt the same when I was 15, im 32 in May and the struggle continues. It took me to 18 to actually get a label on what I was going through. I was on and off meds till 21 when I had enough of taking medication. Its been up and down ever since, I figured out that I am my own worst enemy, suicidal for decades, wanting to die, but havnt given up yet. My message to you is, its important to recognise it now, its a good thing youve concisely Identified somethings wrong your next steps use every source you can, mental health hotline, counsler, GP, meds, meditation, even spiritual healers etc dont be ashamed of anything this a matter of good life experiences or death, you should be able to find 1 that works best not all of them will work but find the comfy one. I really feel for you, i know exactly how it feels, its f&*^ing horrible i wouldnt wish it on anybody. Its like WHY ME? what the hells going on.

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