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Someone please give me any advise would help I'm new to this first post!!

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I've been struggling for a while now and just cant shake it off,

I feel so low normally after few days I shake myself out of it but this time I cant I feel like I'm getting more angry as well as no one seems to listen or understand they just say I feel the same....

My partner is amazing he listens and will do anything to help me but he is going away tomorrow for work for 10 weeks then he will be back all the time then.

I have dr appointment on tuesday but last time I went they didn't care and just pushed me out the door really.

I'm not on any meds.

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hi and welcome to you make sure you don't leave the doctors without getting the support you deserve.

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I'm not going to this time I will refuse to leave till I have some help as gone on too long now x

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good to hear that folk like us struggle as it is doctors answer to everything is give you pills and hopefully don't see us for months.they aren't interested in our words and that is wrong.

Do you think it’s because he’s going away? People can’t fix you. You have to do it yourself they can empathize & you’re right they may not know how you feel. Are you in therapy ?? A Councellor would be able to help you sort through your emotions. Sounds like you’re getting caught up in yourself. Are you doing things for yourself like work exercise a hobbie ? What is your inner dialogue ? Stop take a breathe observe your feeling and situation without judgement proceed with a a better reaction or solution that’s pertinent to the situation. You can get workbooks too to help you with your anxiety depression it sounds like you’re frustrated maybe pun pointing what’s going on with your emotions your life situations breaking it down will help.

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I work 48 to 60 hours a week I have hobbies I go swimming 4 times a week no it's not because he is going away as this is a new thing I've felt like this for ages before I even met my partner 2 years ago I was in a long term relationship for 14 years and it was mentally abusive I think that has a big part in my mental health still now I love driving and just listening to music I've tried lots of things I've researched over the years I've had a councillor before didnt help at all ...

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You’re working a lot. The mental abuse can give way to detachment do you work alone as well? That might work for and against you if so. You might feel numb afraid to attach to people because you had to disassociate to get by so there’s always a veil over things. Have you tried a few Counsellors? Sometimes they’re not the right person for you. Our chemicals can change and we need to produce more of them. Women are more prone to this biologically long-standing stress affects your brain functioning and hormones. I understand how you feel. I didn’t know what was happening to me after ptsd repeated traumas and I had no stability of sameness as I had moved as well & divorce & went through more with my health unknown.

I’m finding a trauma therapist very helpful took me a long time to find right person. Psychiatrist only made things worse for me. A male one. There’s things they can help you feel connected to yourself surroundings. It takes a lot of time and you may need to make changes in your life. It’s good to know what is working & what isn’t and writing that down.

You might like to check in with a Naturalpathic doctor too. I’d ask my family doctor to do a full blood & hormone panel and bring it to your first meeting with the Naturalpathic doctor. Try to ask around for a good one. The Naturalpathic docs are better at dealing noticing hormone things my specialist I saw even agreed with me in this as they go by ranges but what works for some doesn’t for others.

You’re not alone in how you feel. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I figured it out on my own. I just had some repeated trauma medical causing more loss. Stability is key you sound like you have friends a husband & work way too much lol.

Just ideas. Because you don’t know what’s wrong. It’s ptsd attachment disorder. I believe. Because that’s what I have and it’s like you describe.

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Thank you I will deffo speak with someone different see if that helps thank u for all your advice I do work a lot of hours but if dont then no money and I will feel even worse as wont have any money to live all stress and worry life is in its self i will go to dr on tuesday ask for blood tests etc and see what they say and I will look for a different councillor as well thanks again I hope u feel better now and good luck with everything xx

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You’re welcome. It’s a slow process but finding a Councellor that’s a woman that deals with trauma and does diff things like EFT and grounding and other stuff as what works for some doesn’t for others. Oddly I like Councellor better than psychologists or psychiatrist if Councellor has you given goals and does above things you have to do goals in any learning process just talking isn’t enough. I chose one a bit older than myself within range. I wish you luck and maybe others can offer you more. Life changes. I get it. You sound like you’re doing great actually better than you realize & I think you’ll do real well!

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Hi Kk1100 welcome to this sanctuary:

I say Let it all out that’s what I’d advise because remember a problem shared is indeed a problem halved. I’d be happy to talk with u today if you want to. Ok i won’t fob you off like that but I will tell you whatever I think will help. Best wishes 🤗

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The thing is I dont even know why I feel this way if I did then I suppose would be easier to sort I had bad relationship in past but I thought I put that all to one side now and I'm so happy in my new relationship so why do I feel like this it's so hard I'm having a lot of crap at work which really isnt helping at the moment but no one around me knows I feel like this really just sometimes thinks I'm low mood they dont know the extent as I put on a happy face and act like everything is fine x

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Well it’s a good thing we have places such as this app to come seek empathy help compassion understanding common ground advice etc

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Venting has it perks for real and so I encourage everyone to let it all out

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The angry comes from pent up frustration.

This will sound strange but you need to hit something repeatedly or break something.

Like all the glass jars and glasses bottled, throw them full force into the bottom ov your recycling bin and smash them. I’d also invest in a punch bag.

Sound weird?.... you don’t know til you try.

When my mental health is bad I break cups plates bowls glasses in the back garden 🙈 it’s expensive in the long run but boy feels like a weight is lifted.

The answer must come from yourself lovely. Be kind to yourself and help yourself heal, waiting around for doctors help could take forever. Try some online cbt and well done for speaking in a chat room like this :) little steps towards balance

Welcome to the site Kk

You see your Doctor today, make a list of your concerns and problems so the Doctor can understand what is going on in your life

We all go through times of separation, especially if we/ partners are attending courses for our work. Or need to work on a temporary basis.. I know in my youth I attended month long courses and being away did cause some problems in my relationships. However you need to understand, if a relationship fails at these times it can be the best way of understanding and trusting someone. Yes Relationships do break down, however this is best to happen at this time before getting married. I can lead to positive better relationships.

You need to gain confidence of those others in your life


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