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Hi I’m new here

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Going through a really stressful time,landlord is evicting me cause he wants his house back and I’m havein no luck finding anywhere my anxiety is though the roof,Feeling really low, all I do is cry don’t want to do anything 😟

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Have you tried Housing Associations etc in your local area. I know when I was in a rental many years ago I was always unsettled paying out and having no security. Have a word with Citizens Advice they should be able to recommend something to help


Hi yes I’ve done all that just keep getting told he will have to go to court before they will do anything x

I know you will have a statutory time period on your agreement. It also can depend on the reasons for the removal.

We had problems when we first moved our tenants were always breaking things and we never had a month where we were paying for damage caused. Some of the bills were really expensive and they refused to pay for damage. It does not seem to be the case here, He has decided to possibly want to have another use for His investment, believe me that is a good reason as He may be in financial difficulties so He needs to sell, increase the rent, that can be problematic or modernize. It used to be three months during old times

Has He issued the relevent paperwork and given you the standard time for you to leave, Three months. Have you talked to CAB they should be able to advice.

I feel sorry for you, I understand some of the laws have changed recently so I do not know how things have changed in the last twelve years all I know it can be really unsettling and upsetting to be asked to leave. Have you tried to talk to His Agent regards this unfortunate problem. It is really disruptive especially when you have been a good Tenant

When I first moved in with my Wife we lived in a two bedroom flat in a housing Association Property and the rent and deposit was worked out on the value of the property. When we left the deposit was repaid after damage if any and the next person had to repay the increasing valuation.

That was over forty years ago



Hi yeah I’ve had all the proper paperwork, I’ll been in touch with CAB all I get told is he has to go to court to legally evicted me, and I get told the same from the council.

All I get from the landlord is he wants to move in

How long do you have to get out, have you been given those three warnings I cannot remember what they are called+


I was given a section 21 notice last year which was for 6 months but it turned out to be invalid so I was given another one in august which is for 4 months the difficulty I’m havein is my rent is cheep where I’m living now and I can’t afford to go private again cause the rents are to expensive

Sorry you are having this problem, the problem you have is the wait for a court Date it can be very stressfull. If the rent is cheep that may be the problem. Is there no way you can talk to the Land lord and arrange an agreement to increase the rent to a certain level, then look for that new address. Going to Court is not a good place to be and you will not come out with something that will suit you especially if things get out of hand.

In my case my Agent issued the Section 21 and the tenant was given three months, He left on the Friday and the new owner moved in next day, However damage was still found


He says I’m not to blame and he doesn’t have a choice but to do what he’s doing which I don’t blame him it’s the stress of having to find somewhere I can afford, if I could avoid not going to court believe me I wouldn’t I was hoping to avoid it,cause you’re right it’s not a nice situation to be in especially when it’s effecting my anxiety 😟

hi sorry that your going through this it`s tough just now for rental as up here(Scotland) the rental prices are through the roof due to the pandemic your landlord obviously isn`t caring.go to court and see what the outcome is but keep looking for alternative housing as much as you can.UK law as far as I know council wont help till your actually homeless but wont help if they class it as intentional.

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Hi yeah that’s what I’ve been told do by the council I think it’s because they need to know he means business.

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he probably wants extra rent and cant charge you extra if your on a long term lease so only way he`ll get it is with new tenants but you need notice of 4 weeks in advance by law.

He’s wanting to move in.

Hope you manage to sort somewhere soon I’ve been there exact same situation landlord sold house ended up so bad off was in a tent in the snow for 8 weeks before got another property worse couple months of my life . Keep your chin up . What area are u located if don’t mind me asking ?

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If you live in Scarborough there may be holiday lets you could consider short term. I know here we have properties similar that have tempory tenure until the Spring. You could also try Park Home developments that may let over the short term, although these sites are generally for OAPs these properties are normal free hold where the tenant pays ground rent to the site. I just suggest these to take the sting out for having to find somewhere where nothing is available in the short term. Just a hypothetical suggestion.

If you do end homeless the Council may be able to help, although Rental and temporary addresses can be difficult to find. The Council up here has a Homeless unit where people who have been down on their luck because of these types of problems you explain above can gain a respite until the new property is found. We used to have one of these centres and the population was quite dynamic

Keep us all informed


Thanks for that Bob 👍🏻

Welcome Emmajean45. I'm so sorry you're going through this eviction. There are housing authorities who'll put you to the top of the list. Good luck and please let me know if you need anything.


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