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Panic attacks

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Hi everyone!

I really would appreciate some advice. I have been having daily panic attacks for the last 8months and it’s driving me mad! It’s starting to effect me from going outside as I seem to have a complete melt down when I’m out.

Is there anything you do that helps at all?


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Have you tried Mindfulness, Relaxation Technuque and Breathing Exercises MINDFULNESS RELAXATION TECHNIQUE.

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Kater66 in reply to borderriever

What really helped me was to restore magnesium levels in my body. I use a spray (link below) and put it on my legs every night before bed - its been really helpful - oral tablets are not necessarily well tolerated, but may be ok for you.

Good luck

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Amyhogs in reply to Kater66

Thanks kater! I had no idea that magnesium would help 🙂 at this point I will give anything ago thank you 😊

Hello friend, I am sorry for your suffering. I can relate to you, having had a couple of panic attacks myself. Have you talked to someone you know about your pain? Are you seeing a mental health therapist and are you on any medications? For me things got really bad that I talked to my family about my situation and I told them that I needed to see a psychiatrist. We met with a psychiatrist and a psychologist and they started me on medication. Since I started medication, I feel much better and more in control of my life. I have also become more spiritual which has helped me cope with stress better. Hope I could be of some help to you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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Amyhogs in reply to Joeyman

Hi joeyman :) thanks for replying ! I was speaking to a therapist for about 8weeks but unfortunately didn’t find it really helped! Medication might be the next step as I really do feel it’s taking over my life. Did you find you had any side effects when you first started taking them? (Know it sounds silly but even that panics me)

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Joeyman in reply to Amyhogs

Hi friend, it is normal to worry about side effects but in my experience side effects were minimal. It goes away as you continue with the medication. I am still continuing with my medication and I am glad that my doctor prescribed them to me. I see the world as a much happier place now😀. DON'T WORRY.

I totally understand cos I am the same.

I used to feel better going to the church hall for lunch but we are still on lockdown.

I need my medication and I believe in it.

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