Anxiety panic attacks and indigestion

Can anyone relate or advise?. I've been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for the last 3 mths, the doctor has prescribed me antidepressants but I'm too scared to take them. I'm frightened of feeling any worse than I already do. As a result of feeling anxious all the time I am now suffering from severe indigestion which I have been taking medication for. I am yet to feel any better and I've been taking the pills for 4 days now!

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  • Hi Nesy. I am a bit confused - if you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks why are you taking anti-depressants? Sorry if I seem dense but it sounds like you should be on a different medication. Having said that if you are suffering from depression as well the pills should start helping. My dr told me it can take 2/3 weeks before you start to feel better.

    I think you should see your dr again to check you are on the right medication and to explain the ins and outs ie when should you expect to feel better and how long it should take.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Bev x

  • Hi Nesy,

    I too suffer from anxiety, which for me eventually gives way to depression after a while, because feeling anxious all the time is just exhausting.

    I would take the tablets, I am currently on medication, and it does help, although it takes time to get into your system and you may well have side effects, but they normally pass after a few weeks.

    What medication have you been prescribed? Also has your GP referred you for counselling, it can be helpful to teach you ways to manage your anxiety.

    I know when I am in an anxious state I hardly eat at all, and my stomach feels like it is in knots. This is due to the high levels of hormones such as adrenaline in your system, as you are in that fight or flight response. If this is the case for you then it is not really that likely that the medication for your indigestion is going to help much.

    One of the things I find helpful in an anxious phase is to keep a journal. I keep a little note book in my pocket and when I am concious of an anxious thought or feeling I note it down. I list what was the thought or felling, the trigger for this thought/feeling, and the strength of it out of 10. Just putting it on paper can help reduce the feeling.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Nesy

    It must be awful feeling anxious all the time. I had indigestion when I was anxious in the past and remember it also felt really horrible, I felt sick all the time so perhaps you are feeling that too.

    'm wondering whether the antidepressants you've been described are actually mood stabilisers like fluoxetine based drugs which can be used for both anxiety and depression or whether maybe you didn't tell your GP that your main problem is anxiety. I would firstly read up about the meds you've been given and if they are suitable for anxiety then I would take them. I can understand your being scared, but if things are really bad then at least consider taking the meds for a time to stabilise things and once they've settled down then you can reconsider alternatives to meds.

    I agree with Jonny's comment about the meds for indigestion not working well when you are constantly anxious, also about writing being really helpful when going through bouts of extreme anxiety as thinking is necessary in order to write and thinking always helps things feel less extreme.

    It can be helpful to understand what's happening so you might want to google and read up about "generalised anxiety disorder" - there's a lot online about causes, treatments, etc and you can see for yourself what might have caused your anxiety and also learn about ways to deal with the different symptoms. Knowledge is a great start as it puts you more in control of what happens to you, also makes clear how to explain to medics when you need treatment.


  • Thank you Sue :), I did explain clearly to my gp that my main problem was anxiety if I'm honest he didn't say too much really just ran of a prescription for anti depressants. If I'm honest I was quite surprised myself but was told by someone that anxiety and depression fell under the same bracket. I will have a look at the websites you suggested to see if I can get a better understanding of what's going on, I'm just so fed up of being on edge all the time and not being able to eat xx

  • Hi again

    Just another thought - have a look at the Anxiety uk website as it's packed with info and you can get therapy through them too.


  • Hi Bev and Jonny, thank you for your responses. I'm not sure why the Dr prescribed me anti depressent tablets he just said they would calm me down. But as I said I'm too scared to take them. The anti depressants described are amitryptilin a 10 mg dose has anyone tried these?. The gp said he would refer me for councilling but 3 mths later I've heard nothing. I decided to pay for councilling myself and I had my first session last Tuesday so I'm hoping this will relieve some of the anxiety. Thank you for the tip re writing down anxious thoughts I will try this ASAP. Thanks so much for your responses I'm not able to spk to anyone at Hme really, they don't understand it's so nice to know that I'm not alone with these strange thoughts and feelings xx

  • Hi Nesy,

    I have not taken amitryptilin myself, but they are prescribed for anxiety as well as depression. They are in the same family of drugs as the ones I do take, and they do help.


  • Thanks Jonny any feedback helps, what have the side affects been like for you?

  • I have anxiety and depression and in the past have been prescribed amitriptalline.It didnt suit me but I know it has helped others.presently taking 350 Venlafaxine and this has proved to be the best so far but I still have problems.Always keep referring back to your GP. That is what they are there for.I also find that a pharmacist will explain your prescription medication if you ask

  • Thanks Hecter I will speak with my GP again I hope you are well

  • Hi Nesy, Your reluctance to take the meds your GP has prescribed may be due to your anxiety, so obviously its a catch 22. Read up on the drug and be confident that you went to your GP for help and guidance and they have prescibed you something that will help, its science. As with any medication if you don't believe its a good fit for you then go back to your GP to explain why but make sure you give it a go. No one on here wants to feel the way they do so if there is something that may help it woudlbe a good idea to give it a go. has some helpful info on meds take a look there -

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