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Panic Attack in progress

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Just recently discovered that an extremely close friend of 17 years doesn't like the new PTSD me. We've gone through hell and back together and she was the one person that I trusted enough to let the mask slip. Seems I was wrong about that. She's triggered me three times in public recently and then walked away. She used to be the one that would help when I triggered, not the other way around. And with that not being bad enough, I'm still expected to help man the booths with her at the next four charity events, because the board of directors never show up. It's always be me. And I'm the wrong denomination so I'm going you know where. I know she has here own stuff going on and no matter how crappy I've felt I've always been there for her. Sorry to rant, but if I can't vent I cut.

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Hello Brannagh , I'm not sure I understand you. How does another person trigger you ? I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks years ago and with therapy and meds I overcame it. I don't recall another person having anything to do with it. It was an internal problem and I was the one who caused it.It sounds to me like she may have bullied you a little. Personally I would stay away from her. I hope you can move on and find true friends. Pam

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Hi Sweetiepie,

Ty for the response. i see what you're saying and realizing I didn't explain fully. I love independent feedback 😊. What I should have explained is that phrases and mannerisms of hers have caused triggers. She's never once done this before. I don't believe that she's consciously trying to trigger me by any means, but her getting angry at my panic attacks is a problem. She used to be first to help. Only now because of how I'm feeling does she as a person trigger me as I feel as though I have no clue what to talk about with her. But yes, it was what she did, not her personally at first. And yes, people can trigger me. If their actions trigger me to often, the person themselves become the trigger. Fortunately, has only started in the past 5 years and I generally just try and stay away from them.

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This it interesting, I'm not sure I agree with it . I feel more like you're allowing this to happen. I hope we here from a few more people on this topic

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Hi I have looked at some of your previous posts and nowhere can I find mention that you are seeking help with your PTSD? Are you? If not then it sounds like you need counselling. There is also a PSTD site on here which might help as well. x


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With the counselling system here am lucky to get in to see someone once a month. Has taken to years to get referral to psychiatrist and don't see him until November. I have fought tooth and nail to get the counselling I have gotten over the last five years since going on LTD from a breakdown caused by an abusive employer. I started counselling well before the breakdown but the rules changed and I haven't been able to see one person long term so it's a hamster wheel of repeating the same over again.

Hi Hun I know exactly how you feel when someone triggers you my daughter does it to me all of the time! We had a big set to the other night about my new trainers all because I said they were black but what I should have said they were black with white soles!! It was the tone of her voice that set me back to my childhood! She took a huff and stormed out the door !!! I got triggered badly by this but it was me that was in the wrong she didn't speak to me for two days. Then I'm expected to take her to the hospital. I have explained to her about PTSD but she doesn't get it . Yes people can trigger you badly. I get triggered by a colleague at work, so I try not to speak to her as much as possible. I do understand about trying to see someone I've been in therapy for two years, one was continuous then I was discharged after a year, then I had a set back and had to get emergency help from him and now I'm on an open appointment every three months until I see another team which under our current waiting list will probably be November. I like your idea of the hamster wheel! Mine is a merry go round!! 😊🌻🐾🐾x

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