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Leaving the Sites


It is a sad thing I need to say. After many years of being on these sites I am now going to leave, my reasons can be explained on my last messages.

It is no good if sites do not try to find a way to confirm my worries or concerns. With an explanation of what has happened to me.

These sites sad to say seem unable to support the contributor and that has really upset me.

I wish you all well, this however does not help me and my concerns of posts being removed with out some form of eplanation especially when I have tried to keep to the rules laid out. for Healthunlocked to email and not explain the reasons for a block or removed that does not explain the actual explanation of a removal


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You are well respected by many on this site but I have had problems with people on this site too . Where I’ve had to remove my answers, in case I set off this person

Hello Foggy

I seem to be saying goodbye to many things now, In the past I generally accept it when some of my contributions get taken down, however some seem to disappear into the void. This one was to to with an e mail sent by Health-unlocked. that I did not see until two days ago. I suppose I should have checked my emails, although I tried to get through to reply and could not get in.

Now I am very careful, I do restrict my knowledge because I want to be safe.

I am having problems regard Wife and Surgery, Virus and I am on PPG. and that does not help. I should have thrown the email away and forgot about it the problem was I saw over an extended period some of my contributions taken down and I would have complied if I knew where the problem was. I would have just moved on and accepted the call and started reviewing my post to make sure I was not making errors.

I stopped many of my NHS Think Tanks as well and I was wanting to keep this site on to keep my hand in and do some good. Getting older we change and sad to say that is where we a find myself now. It would be nice some respect, however there we go.

I am not very well myself and I now feel I need to close down my Life in general

Keep a hold and Thank You


I am so sorry you have decided to leave the site Bob. Can't we change your mind in any way. I am at a loss to understand the severity or lack off, of what you have been accused of. It may be that you have offended some our more, sensitive members, who find it hard to deal with respectful, opposite and honstly held views. It sort of confirms my belief that there is some kind of subtle 'No Platforming' going on here, and if ever that happens, I will be joining you. Please think again Bob. (For the administrator monitoring these posts, it would perhaps be helpful to hear your thoughts on this matter) Regards to all

I have talk to an old member on site, I will consider what you say and thank you.As mentioned my health is questionable, although I get around better than before my memories and Mental Health is also a worry.

I will consider tonight and tomorrow I may clear my contributions and go

All the best



All I can say is DON'T GO. From what I have ever read of your post and replies there has never ever been inflammatory content. You will be a sad loss for all those who need you and appreciate the time you take in responding.

Shawmind & RedWheelie please please can you look into borderriever 's issues (see his previous post) as to loose Bob will be an awful loss.

Just hide in the background and reply to those whom you know (like me, Hyper etc) but I am hoping that having tagged admin in this reply you may actually get the answers you most definitely deserve



Hi Bob, not sure what has set this off, but more than happy to have a discussion with you about it. This community is helping many, many folks - and sure, we may not all agree on different things at times, but as long as we are respectful and tolerant of one another and remember not to do anyone any harm in the opinions we may voice on here, we can all look forward to a positive, helpful community. We are all bound by "the rules", so we would be more than happy to look into why your posts are being taken down.

kenster1 in reply to Shawmind

maybe show Bob a transcript of the comments deemed offensive but Bob to my account has never ever got into any scrapes with other users.

Missy_D in reply to kenster1

Exactly Kenster, I can honestly say that Bob and offensive are 2 words that just do not go in the same sentence. I really hope he sees this and stays x

My main concern was an email from Health-unlocked as explained. I was having problems with my e males late, early 2020/2021. I had not viewed this e mail until four days ago, the problem was a percentage of my contributions had been taken down up to the present day. My problem is when I first came on site many years ago I had problems with some content, although when I came on site as a new contributor I was then I was conforming to Health-unlocked written instructions . I have followed all instructions as best I can.On this site and others. Last year I stopped contributing to about six other sites

When I read the letter I was taken aback. That explained what had been going on You will read above why I feel taken aback and peeved especially when I was trying to get some form of explanation.

My health has been really bad, Physical, A form of Dementia and Reactive Depression I contribute here to help others and myself.

It all comes down to not having an inclusive explanation what I had done wrong


sent you a message Bob but it`s not showing up but I`m behind you.

My Wife is wanting me to take a time out at the moment, However hopefully I will be back in two or three weeks. When I return will it be possible if Shaw has any problem with my Writings, or even Healthunlocked please let me know with an explanation so I can correct it please. I try not to upset anyone.


Please don't leave.

Hi Bob. I remember that it was you who responded to my very first post on Healthunlocked almost 6 years ago. I appreciated that tremendously and all the other advice and wisdom you have shared over the years to myself and others. I'm saddened to hear that you want to leave and the issues you've had with the forum

Must be so frustrating and anger making especially if you have put lot of care or effort in your posts.Its a shame there is no mediator to contact on these matters.!

If,like me,you just bashed a post out when inspired to do so and no special effort then I might not care too deeply about some posts getting cancelled but it sounds like you are very much not like this.

Bob: This is heart breaking.

You've contributed with honesty.

I know you wouldn't hurt anyone.

Its sad to see you leave borderriever.

Wish they could explain to u before they removed your concerns on a post.

Gonna miss your wealth of wisdom on here.

Shame you have to leave.

Wish u the very best pal ☹

I hope you don't leave Bob, I have always admired your trying to help people by replying and sharing your experience. maybe if you take time out and come back when you are ready. I don't understand how you can possibly have broken any rules, your posts have always seemed to have been supportive and genuine. I don't often write anything but felt the need to say something in support of you. I really do wish you well whatever decision you come to. Please take care and do whatever is best for you.

Dear Bob you have never disrespected anybody I read your posts regularly and you always treat people with kindness and advice,I do hope if you need to take a break you will come back very soon you have lots of friends on this site and want you here take care Dear Friend xx

Sorry to hear this Bob.. You must do what you feel and think is tight for you and your healing.. ❤️🙏❤️

Nice to see you back, I am looking in now and then. Very busy day today in Orchard, Keep a hold

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