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Another Interest


Over the years I have developed other interests to being on these sites, to expand my horizons. Normally I visit You Tube and not only watch to news from various countries I enjoy looking into the travel pages visiting countries and historic sites visited. One thing I really enjoy is watching the old films etc from the Victorian Period. Looking at Women and how they dress and how the old cities looked at that period. They also have interesting contributions that show various historic newsreels. I find it all very interesting and that has really extended my interests in History and how my Parents and their parents were brought up and how they used to dress. What gets me is how relevant the fashions were in some ways and some of the portraits the women look quite modern. A surprising view to earlier times.

Today I was looking at several sites showing people working also how they lived and what their houses were like on the inside, many photographs are tinted and that is also very interesting.

I am not trying to bore everyone all I am trying to say You Tube has many diversions that can help hopefully to take our mind of our fears and low mood


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Hi Bob , I am a Baby Boomer and I can tell you how different life was in the late fifties and early sixties, my growing up years. My family never really recovered from the depression and went right into WWII. So it took awhile to catch up to modern times. This was true for many people. Both of my Grandmothers had cold water which had to be pumped in their houses, electricity , outhouses, wood burning stoves ( a treat in summer ) A bath once or twice a week in a tin basin, you only washed your hair once a week at most. Women wore house dresses and corsets, hose, and aprons over all. Hats were still worn if you left your home. This was summer and winter. This wasn't so long ago when you think about it. Neither of my Grandmas could drive either or ride bikes. Totally dependent although they both worked so hard. Pam


Some of the contributions on You Tube bring back memories of my early years, I was born in 1950 and as I said in the past I was brought up by a couple from the Victorian Period. The ladies Mother was dressed in a long black dress and looked like something from 1900.

I was brought up by a generous people who were in some ways Victorian/Edwardian and I looked in their photographs of early days. My speech and attitude were from that earlier time and that did not help me with my education and those in class around me. I think sometimes my memories are somewhat mixed up as I spent a great deal of time with my Grandparents as well.



I agree Bob. I have been looking at lots of stuff on You tube to help me learn French and it is taking my mind off my mental health problems and leading to a healthier outlook for me. x


Yes the site You Tube is a wonderful tool that educates. You have been learning French for a while ?, How is it going ?. We took Spanish over twenty years ago. I find reading Spanish is easier now. Conversation is a real shocker now. I feel like a two month Holiday out there may boost my memories.

Any activities we can enjoy seems to help me as well

BOB xxx

Gemma, In studying the different intellects and ways of learning people have I came across this tidbit...people who learn more than one language and people who learn a musical instrument change there brains and the way they process information. I can see why taking up French again might have real benefits for you. I think I may try it myself. Foe us depressed people think what a relief it must be for our brain to have something else to think of. Pam Bon chance Hey, it's been 50 years.

good to hear that you are managing to keep yourself gainfully occupied.

hope all is well

Hello Gambit

Always seem to be busy if it is not the garden, we visit NT Properties, and English Heritage.

We took membership of Historic Houses. The problem is we have been with the former for about thirty odd years. Life Members and we end up chatting to the Room Guides and forget the time. When I get home I research where we have been so our hobbies open up further education. My problem is I forget where I have been. However researching can bring a great deal back

What are your diversions



still working so that keeps me busy - but enjoy countryside - jogging and butterflies. Also play bowls in the summer. Have been doing some e-learning courses on nutrition which have been quite interesting recently.

Yes I need to learn a bit more about my diet. I have all the stuff from the NHS for my diabetes and I am not doing that well with my diet. More research is needed.

We have butterfly bushes throughout the garden and we sit in the living room watching the different types on the flowers. Pax chases then, although never catches them. When at College we used to go down to the park in S Shields and play bowls that was fifty years ago. Shame I could not do it now.


Hi Bob recently my telly broke but since I 'discovered' YouTube I don't miss it at all and I watch it loads. I have seen films, loads of docs including ghosts, mysteries, history etc. and have also been watching old talent shows such as America's Got Talent and the worst, funniest, weirdest auditions. I can also catch up on the few things I watch on telly anyway such as Coronation Street and Poldark.

There really is something to suit my every mood. x

Hi Hypercat 54

Yes it is a fantastic resource. I was a keen Ballroom/Latin/Old Tyme dancer and now I cannot dance because of health. They have quite a few places on site that are interesting to watch. However I must be getting old watching all this stuff. It is nice to be able to have a resource that diverts our thoughts to more interesting times.


I love YouTube I have watched the last Czar of Russia dancing and playing with his children. I have watched that ninny Edward the VIII posing with that horrible woman he married. I think she did your country a great favor though. Film of Queen Victoria. Hitler giving speeches And my most favorite of all Sir Winston Churchill It is wonderful for a history buff. Bob , it wouldn't surprise me at all to see you on YouTube. Only I wouldn't know it was you. I think you've had your fingers in a lot of pies. Pam.

Life and its activities have been interesting.

I am just an ordinary person who did a great deal of travel over the years. With my memory disorder and disability my life is restricted now, that is why We have our library.

You know my interests, we have been on these sites many years now.

When I travelled I spent a great deal of time in the Middle/Far East and States in the old Soviet Union on the Silk Road to China ?

Have you travelled ?. Pam


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