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Sertraline / Scar Trauma

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Morning All

Please can you urgently help me? My facial scarring from a mole removal is taking everything from me. I am now extremely anxiety and depressed. I am having therapy but can’t move on. Obsessing over it and needing it gone. I have been prescribed sertraline but so scared to take it but desperate for something to help.

Have anti depressants helped anyone. Praying this will as otherwise what help do I have left? I was so happy and now suicidal. Please reply with any hope? My little children need me xx

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Hi sorry to hear this. Was it a large mole or a small one? In any case the person who is an expert on skin is a dermatologist. Get your doctor to refer you.

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HanaV in reply to hypercat54

It was tiny and done purely for smoother skin. Instead the doctor made a mistake with too strong laser and damaged my skin leaving a big indent. I have already seen several people and need to leave it to heal before treatment. No one knows that/if anything will actually help. xx

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hypercat54 in reply to HanaV

Well if it was tiny then the dent can't be too bad even though it feels like it. I bet you are the only person who really notices it.

I wonder if you have body issues if something so small affects you so much. It's very rare to see anyone with a perfect skin and I wonder how you will react when you start getting wrinkles! Maybe you should seek help for this instead?

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HanaV in reply to hypercat54

The mole was tiny but the guy took a cm out of my face. I am seeing a counsellor but it's not helping as yet. My face has changed.

How long has it been? Scars tend to improve with time. Was this recent?

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HanaV in reply to swordfishll

It's been 3 months now - the skin inside is burnt out and the edges are tethered down :(

Oh three months is not very long at all. Have you applied any scar medication? Is the scar depressed, or is raised at all?

It's depressed and indented. Left photo is this week and right is a month ago. It is looking worse. It was a 1 mm mole. Also really scared of anyone saying it's really bad as that we make me feel even worse. So scared xx

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Klaus-sperger in reply to HanaV

To me,that scar is very interesting, your skin looks good and your face looks good .I really don't see a problem at all,you have your own beauty spot,your own personal moon crater which is why everyone looks at the moon,it is beautiful. You are totally over reacting, it is only 3 months which is nothing ,it can be fixed 100% if it really bothers you so much,no problem to fix it completely, relax,stop obsessing and worrying as can be changed and 2.its it is,you look fine.

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swordfishll in reply to HanaV

I don’t see a picture? If it still bothers you and you feel it hasn’t faded enough, dermatologists can do so many things now to minimize or erase scars. I had a couple of scars plumped up (injection) and you really cannot see them now.

Did they not try to hide the scar, or will it not just fade. My Wife was bitten by a dog and it tor out her lip and mouth. I was a really large scar, although after Plastic Surgery the scar has now gone. They gave her Bio Oil, you can get that in most shops, chemists, it softens the skin and removes the car, that may help.How big is the scar ??


I have just looked at your photographs the scar is small and given time it will be less seen given time, You could also try a foundation cream to hide the mark. We all get scars and most can be hidden. You could ask your Doctor to arrange some Plastic Surgery, although I personally not worry about it, just let it fade.As my Wife says some scars make us look more individual It will become less over time. I cannot see anyone not wishing to go out with you because of it.

One of the girls I went out with had a tooth extraction and the Dentist rested the extractor on the lip, it left a mark and that eventually faded it was about one inch long. So stop worrying


I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for a while and have also been prescribed sertraline. I didn’t want tablets. But took the plunge and starting taking them yesterday. Obviously not sure yet if they will help. But couldn’t go on like I was. So I’m hoping in a few weeks I’ll notice a change x I know it’s scary.

Hi Hana,

I know EXACTLY how you are feeling because I am in a similar situation currently. I had a red spot on my chin that a private dermatologist injected with cortisone to bring down the inflammation. She said she wasn't entirely sure what it was but the injection should help get rid of it! It did help with the inflammation initially but it then got infected so I had to go to the GP for antibiotic cream. Anyway, I am now 3 months down the line and I have an indentation and post inflammatory erythema (big red mark) and I feel the same way about mine as you do about yours. Except at least yours is skin coloured.

I am on sertraline and I have to say it hasn't helped me yet but I'm increasing the dosage to see if it helps. I believe I have BDD so I'm being referred to a psychiatrist to see if I can get a diagnosis and more specialised help in dealing with accepting what is on my face. Only thing is, its a waiting game how long till my referral is accepted and I get an appointment so in the meantime I have to try and get through each day. I have been trying CBT but as yet it hasn't helped me. I do write down my negative thoughts when I can and then try to counteract with a more rational perspective but its hard believing what you are writing.

Its exhausting feeling like this and wondering if you'll ever get better. I just wanted you to know you're not the only one who is feeling that way.

Hi,my sympathies, read my post on sertraline, it transformed me.i do CBT ,you don't believe it at first at are just putting your very best arguments together and trying to convince yourself like being a defence lawyer in a court case where you are convincing the jury . It takes repetition and more repeating before it starts to work.good luck

Thanks for your reply. Its so good to hear from someone that has tried sertraline and CBT with success. How many sessions would you say it took for the CBT to start helping?I've just increased to 150mg of sertraline but I'm thinking I may need 200mg as well.

Generally A Course of CBT last over twelve sessions. Remember to dwell on something like this will just make matters worse, Many people end up with a blemish you have shown and explained. I have Psoriasis and my skin over my body is marked and skin peels. the scaring is very nasty and I have red marks where the skin has thinned and many bleed.

I understand how you feel, talk to your Doctor and see if He can advise any course of action, the are is small and it may be more trouble than what its worth.


Hi there,I take 200mg sertraline every day for 10 years.I took it in utter desperation as I had spent several years trying everything I could to reduce my depression but nothing had worked.By this time this problem had developed into major depressive disorder with anxiety,multiple phobias and psychosis and complete physical dependency.

Sertraline transformed my life in virtually removing all this disability and my life not worth living.I could never dream that raising brain serotonin was my cure,I am still astonished.

I know it does not work for everyone and some have negative side effects ( which I had some too)but no matter how bad i felt only a few hours,days or weeks and any suffering was 100% gone! The best thing I ever did was start taking setraline .

Sorry this is stressing you out. Yes, it needs time to heal.

Mole removal, they always take a bigger piece of skin from around it. If they test it for cancer, which is usually done for moles, they have to see clear skin cells around the edge, or they did not get it all.

Moisturizing oils with Aloe, vitamin E, vitamin C, are good for scars. Some store scar reducers also work, butI don’t know what is by you.

If you had the mole removed for cosmetic reasons, you were already probably a little self conscious. An unexpected result will shake you up.

Sertraline is fine to take. It takes a little bit to start working, so the sooner you start the sooner it should start. Medications are not one size fits all, though. If in a month, you don’t feel it has taken the edge off, then call the doctor back. In the mean time, work on really trying to find out the social pressures that are freaking you out. Ask your therapist about self-love and self-compassion. Pushing through a challenge will build self esteem, so don’t give up.

Hi Sorry you are feeling anxious . Sertraline has really helped me , the first few weeks on it were tough as it takes time before you feel the full effect of it . I would say I started feeling much better after 8 weeks on sertraline , before that my anxiety was very up and down. I am stabilising at 100 mg and having CBT . Sometimes the medication is a help you need to take until you are able to gain the right support and gain the tools to better deal with your anxiety

Dear HanaV, I have suffered with depression, terrible angst and lots of tears been on numerous anti depressants but now I am taking serialise only a small dosage but it does seem to help at present hope this helps Cbe

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