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Been struggling now for two weeks and now I’m having suicidal thoughts not been out of the bedroom for a week and not spoken to anyone. I’ve rang the Dr this morning and they just want to put my sertraline up to 250mg I don’t want more tablets I want help

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Have you been contacted by the crisis team ask your doctor for the number have you been referred for cbt or counseling?

I’m seeing a Councilor I have an appointment tomorrow just think I’d be better of not making peoples lives a misery than letting my wife and kids see me like this

What kind of help do you want? You are doing all that doctors can offer ie meds and therapy.

Your doctor can change your meds, up them, or add others. There is nothing else I'm afraid unless you want to be hospitalised? There is very little chance of this unless you are considered a real danger to yourself or others, and even then there is a huge shortage of mental health beds in the UK.

Hello Webbi

Generally at this time there are problems in Mental Health caused by Covid, However I understand Crisis Teams may be called, it may be possible to arrange that meeting through your Doctor, however the problems with Social Teams have been problematic as they have been unable to enter patients homes at this time and they need to keep and comply with th 2m Gap instruction.

I do not know where you are and I understand things may change given time as the Virus moves on.

You GP has given you the option of an increase of medications, give it a go and see how you get on.

Do you know if a CPN has been linked to the practice, ask your Doctor


Have you tried to ring the samaritans? They are always available and it might be able to give you some hope and relief! They could give you advice on how to deal with your current thoughts, it helped me a lot when I opened up like that. Remember that you are worthy of life and love, you are more than your depression, you're an amazing human being! Please, try to phone the samaritans, you don't have to go through this alone!

Hi webbl. I hope your dr can give you some reassurance that this can be overcome with help. As you must know in your heart, your family would be devastated if anything happened to you. Speak openly to your dr and tell her/him about your suicidal thoughts. At the moment you’re in the eye of the storm and can’t see a way out but there are ways. I can understand how desperate you must feel and the whole process of recovery seems to take so long, but seeing your dr is a positive step in the right direction. I would also call a crisis line like Samaritans just to see what other help is available. GPs aren’t necessarily experts in this field, but the Samaritans have much more experience I would imagine. Don’t give up. X

Ps have just seen the wedding picture on your profile. try to remember that you’re capable of feeling happiness and joy and once you overcome this (and you will) you will have these feelings again


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Webbl in reply to Arners

Thank you I will try them this morning. I’m scared because I tried to take my life 5 years ago I just don’t want to be there again. I just want the bad to go away but it always seems to creep back into my life and I end up here. I don’t think the sertraline are helping me anymore I’ve been on them for such a long time now and the dr just keeps increasing the dose.

Hi Webbl

It generally is very difficult starting on antidepressants. They often make you feel worse before you feel better.

Stick with them and you will find they with help alot but it may take a couple of months.

They were a real life saver for me.

Very best wishes.


I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been through this before. It must be so gruelling. It’s hard to imagine when you’re in the depths of it that you can get better, but you’ve done it before which is encouraging. I hope you have support at home. You look like such a lovely couple. Depression/anxiety is a b**tard but you’re not alone and you will improve again. Do you know what your triggers are or does it literally just creep up and surprise you?

Webbl in reply to Arners

Yes I know the triggers and that’s the problem I’ve kept it in for so many years I have only just started tell people and I’m so scared

Well knowing the triggers is a huge plus. I never recognise the signs in myself. I’m also the sort of person who keeps everything locked away. Luckily I have a friend who has been through it all so nothing I can say will shock or surprise him!! People who know what depression/anxiety feels like tend not to judge and will understand what you’re going through. Do you know anyone who might fit the bill? who you would feel comfortable chatting with? It could really help to get it all out.

Hello pleased to meet sorry to hear what you are going through.

Please I have some indication of what you are going through.

I have mental health myself and understand the situation with Sertraline.

The whole purpose of the drug medication is cope with anxiety feeling emotions. If you care to read the leaflet explain this in detail.

I take this and today feel nausea stomach issues tired and feel lethargic this is the sides symptoms of the medication.

Get cold today and know in my mind how to cope.

Please if you need help then you should be entitled to this not from necessarily council teams but given the opportunities which I am going to add right now.

Mental health charities nothing ever to be anxious about I used these a lot and gained much help, support and other aspects of health benefits. Schemes plans and coping methods looking at diet nutrition and lifestyle.

Offer floating support. Might not be in all areas.

Some of the charities have staff and support groups like for yourself and others, meet others.

One important thing is never be afraid to disclose to your family or even partner how you are.

Understand how scared previous incidents and risks your thinking not good this is part of the medications.

Mentioned suicide risks this is some the mental health charities will offer a lot of guidance help and ways to cope.

I should say be advising supporting members of many community websites for a long time, offer my knowledge experience expertise.

A lot of good people are aware of what you are going through always a good idea if I offer the following also.

With any medications learnt this through mental health charities have gained qualifications food science, nutrition and diet educate others.

Make it in to bullets easier for you.

1. With meds it is worth eating combined the following Whole meal grains Pasta Rice Beans Pulses.

2, Fresh Vegetables and Fruit.

3. Lean meat Chicken Turkey Fish if possible.

4. Add to diet if not allergy Natural or Greek Yoghurt with added cultures in them these help anxiety stomach bowels and systems.

5. Drink milky drinks laced with honey use microwave. To warm through or use whole meal bread honey for bedtime snack.

Tryptophan in above foods help relax and make you sleep.

If you ever had Pasta for lunch or Potatoes makes you sleepy the enzyme chemical is a natural one.

6. If not sleeping use a wind down way turn off all electrical devices, hour before bed time have a routine.

7. AVOID the following Alcohol, Caffeine in tea, Coffee, energy drinks Cola, Chocolate.

Please note if you consume more make symptoms worse.

One thing meant to say some medications you can not take certain foods.

Grapefruit juice on this one avoid and please I stress no alcohol.

If you think you are having problems with medications and need a second voice use RETHINK.

Advocate charity mentioned in the list or use speak to the charities listed.

Please ask me any thing happy to answer .

Please take care.

Hello thanks from me tick on my post to you that is good .

Please I hope you do look at anything I have added if you do think do not wish to go through with this , please consider this.

I had serious mental illness and addiction been helped by these charities over thirty years had this.

Triggers flashbacks all part of anxiety when we have anxiety the problems can be stemmed from childhood or any past history.

We known that if you eat a particular food do not like brings back memories of that these are often deep down buried for some reason only happen when a suddenly occurrence or incident comes to attention .

Well know ones are as mentioned child abuse stories in soaps and dramas reawaken triggers.

When stories emerge media well know ones can suddenly awake conscious memories.

There are moments of upset emotion and the thing is if not addressed becomes an ear worm effected whole body physically mentally.

I had a personal history will not say but have triggers did something about it after thirty years especially the alcohol addiction.

One way if you are scared write it down give the letter to your husband who I know will be understanding.

I did this. Hope that helps there are other people just like you please if I can advise be supportive ask me offer compassion empathy your not alone.

You admitted never tell any one, the stigma and concerns of others is not relevant right now it you and how you can move on.

Honesty open truth right now is the essential key not acceptance losing the opportunities the aims the goals the incentives to heal.

In mental health charities please if I can explain.


What happens is you self refer or speak to GP, they contact you ask you do usually a home visit .

Talk discuss and ask you questions about you what you want.

Even ask about your work if you do employment training.

Family and relationships how can they be supportive, just a note quick one about me.

Had floating support ask me about my home if happy said OK. Just they often have own supported housing or often have schemes or plans to join housing associations.

Where every one is similar to you with added support .

Of course they do assess any benefit social financial problems sign post to any additional help.

Please have a look at the websites gives you more to look at.

Glad I enrolled if I had not some one else takes my place and the golden opportunities of all the things I have achieved is lost.

I forget to add any assessments benefits and so will attend speak up for you did with me and helped me enormously .

Also GP had an issue 7 mins out the door and asked my support to attend changed everything.

Best friend Doctor did not know my experience knowledge and expertise. I must one other write anything down need help with this or this please.

I do when visiting GP. Who knows me better discussing alternative therapies medications, herbs and other spices.

Understand we in the Western World are clueless. Lots of herbs spices use as medicine herbal ones in Asia and lots of the world.

I would always advise never take any of these over counter medicines unless you know what you are doing .

I have to add some stores sell these have none of the ingredient in them, over priced expensive.

Another reason to join mental health charities have inside advisors on meds and wellbeing advisors anything really learn a lot. .

Called the Recovery College funded usually by local mental health charities and NHS.

Have one day courses A to Z on everything mental health and diet, nutrition, so on.

Build up a library to use as a reference.

Please hope this reassures you .

Thank you for the like . Hopefully if and when you do contact them the charities I can do the same, glad happy to.

Pleasure to talk to you please take care.

How did you get on?

Hi Webbi

I’m new on here and have been taking sertraline myself, Iv never taken medication for his Iv been feeling, but finally gave in, having increased the dose from 50 then 100 then 150 I now feel considerably worse and with suicidal thoughts and I just don’t feel well, it’s a weird feeling and got worse, Iv since read that these tablets come with a black box warming for this and it could these that are making you feel worse, please speak with your doctor, Don’t suffer in silence, I’m speaking with my doctor Tomorrow reading the exact same thing. Take care and be kind to your self

Hello everyone thank you for the advice. I got in touch with the mental health team and they spoke to there Dr who is changing my meds. I’m whining off the sertraline

And going on to matazipan. I’m am struggling I was on 200mm of sertraline at the moment I’m taking 100mm then 50mm from this Friday.

All I seem too do is cry and have this pressure feeling in my head not sleeping. And I feel so weak just hope I can do this. Anyway thank you for all the advice and support.

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