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Eating Disorder (?)


I haven't been on here in a while. I've always remembered everyone here who saved my life. I'm forever grateful to you all.

I'm struggling with different demons now. I've been trying to lose weight. I'm a very body positive person and I do not think fat or skinny equals bad, I think everyone is beautiful in their own shell. However I don't feel that way about myself. Nowadays I don't eat, I feel proud of every time my stomach growls from hunger because I think it's an achievement. I know it's unhealthy but it feels like a chain that's tied me to this thinking. I passed out in the stairs and fell really badly. Does anyone have any support as to how to get rid of this demon?

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Look on here for the "weightloss nhs" forum and the "healthy eating" forum, they might be able to show you how to lose weight in a healthy way. They are very supportive on there and will show you what you need to do.

Take care.

Salads, soups easy to make and healthy weight loss option

Welcome Back

If not have words with your GP, He will be will be able to arrange a telephone appointment and discuss your diet with you. Hopefully things are beginning to normal and will arrange an appointment with a Dieticion.

There are various sites on this platform you can also try, look on the site index


Hello pleased to meet you.

Please if I can suggest look at some of the ideas already mentioned

All diets were created by food industry and created to stimulate market growth in products related.

All circulation around the Forties and Fifties Holly wood starlets and so on.

A lot to answer for is the reasons why many those with weight issues some will succeed some will fail due to the metabolic rate of their bodies.

Energy versus fat is the enemy actually fats are essential need in any mind body or physical wellbeing.

A constant hype media circus. Millions spent on products wasted money many and lots of them.

Fats are included should be oily fish and nuts small handful. Olive oil and Rapeseed

Many food are super foods term for those preventing disease and antibacterial problems.

A lot of research I have done the coloration between diet and mental health.

Have certain foods in stores fridge and freezer all the time.

Included plenty of veggies frozen or fresh . Fruit berries frozen and fresh. Dairy yoghurt milk.

Lean meat Chicken Turkey and Fish .

One other simple bit of guidance find courses to enrol on to learn about food, portion control and lots of aspects of diet and nutrition.

I had to do this and use this as I do to help, guide, advise members like yourself.

Is it necessary it is worth doing why and often can lead to the eating a balanced diet full of nutrition.

Food is a lot of issues for many people yet their are ways to eat healthily, sensible be practical in the kitchen.

Met those who have new cookers and all wrapped in plastic instilled fear factor by own parents and demanding bullied in to forced diets and hate the whole idea of eating.

I do understand those who have some a lot of insecurity of food and fears, I had a similar issue with my Mother.

Stuff your face and kill you with high fatty foods high huge portions and no doubt this led me to address my food issues.

I actually may I suggest speak to Mental health charities.

All have insider advisors on food diet and well being.

If you live in the UK.

May not think this but mental health does think and control your appetite, might as well inform you.

It can be a drain and a pain to create food menu daily for yourself . If not thinking clearly.

Must add not being arrogant here but have created menu food plans for those with mental health issues like your self.

Simple easy less than five ingredients and freezer friendly.

Make ahead on good days using tips tricks short cuts and ready made diced or prepared products for you to use.

I do this all the time and even my self am not perfect have certain times do give and find it hard to eat my relationship with food.

Use colour spice and herbs use flavour use light meals and easy ones to make create.

One bit of advice do this make a list of foods you like and make menu around that.

Make it interesting use websites, simply easy meals.

One advice further can buy slow cooker have mine on now.

All in one pot easy simple no dicing chopping and ready to night.

Many ingredients already done for you.

Add if I can please my concern care health wise here. Of you having fainting episodes and other symptoms possibly.

Please speak to your GP .

Please take care and please if you have any questions happy to answer.

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