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I don't know what to do with my panic disorder

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I've had panic disorder for nearly 2 years now, and it's been find without medication. I tried CBT, but it didn't help. However, over the past year, I've been getting worse and worse with depression and the attacks. It's become common to have 5 or more panic attacks a day and it's becoming difficult to leave the house.

I'm afraid I'm in a room with the walls closing in and no way out. I don't know how much longer before my entire life will just be panic attacks. And the worst part is I've been alone in all this. Only a few people know I suffer with it and my parents aren't on that list.

I don't know what to do and it hurts so bad. I need help

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Hi, Thanks for sharing so honestly in your post. The members will try to help and support you in any way we can.

I have 3 ideas for you.

1. Thanks to the Covid-19 virus there are government help lines which you might like to contact either online or by phone in the first instance.

2.My next suggestion is call up you local medical practice for an appointment with a doctor. You might be able to start with a telehealth consultation if you find leaving home difficult.

3. Finally, thinking about the people who know, speak to the person who you think will be able help the most to get you get started with these plans.

The longest journey starts with the first steps.

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I honestly dont know if this will help u but i just read a article about a guy whos girlfriend has panic attacks bad.He found something that stopped them n science behind it.This sounds nuts but...he said putting an ice cube in ur mouth during a panic attack stops them!?You may be able to Google this info.I told a family member whos teenage daughter suffers badly n her also,so...maybe this can help u too!????

Best to u.


Phone your GP Surgery and ask for an appointment to explain your concerns. Draw up a list of your problems. The initial appointment may be over the telephone at this time, explain how you feel. If you are lucky to get a face to face appointment, take your list and explain your needs concerns and worries.

Let us know how you get on


Please seek help from your GP asap. This sounds like hell.

Where I live we can self refer for counselling or CBT. By the time my appointment comes around it will be 10 weeks since I made it but at least I know I have one on the horizon and that is helping.

Sending virtual hug x

Perhaps check your thyroid? and B12. B12 should be 400 at least.

Hello pleased to meet you Please if I can suggest and advise a few points if I can.

You are not alone with any of these issues I would always look on line for local support networks mental health charities in your area.

In the UK as probably same USA will have local mental health charities to look at every thing give you time to digest information, guidance offer support.

Panic attacks and CBT sorry it sometimes only works for those with less severe issues I know it is supposed to be the wonderful aspect of healing.

Sorry but it does not work to my advantage if something is not working or your not getting help or support then you need to find some answers.

Deep buried trauma depending on triggers the mind conscious is aware of the incidents but you may not be.

Panic attacks can be a number of issues caused stress childhood trauma memories and incidents that you may have sudden reminders about occur frequently because it setting off fear or fight syndrome.

I have had these my self . Some days still do have the knowledge to deal and cope best way if I can.

Understand there are ways to cope and deal with these always be sure that you can and if you can not then need to consider looking at the mental health charities in your area your community.

I do think if you did ever enrol and if it helps try it , I forget be honest open and all embracing.

I once said no a lot now say yes and use the all the knowledge to help those like my self.

I also would like to stress consider thinking about the food diet and anything you think causes anxiety mental health panic attacks.

Create a diary make some structures to use in causes and in cases of panic, the strategies, to over come.

Fear or fight the palpitations, stomach lurches pain in chest sweating and other problems emotional crying tearful are the bodies way to cope with a situation either unsafe or thinking of past traumas.

In ancient times the body reacted to all of this and the mind due to the environment the times when all of the world was a dangerous place.

Wild animals and wolves so on so the remains of this is left over and is a bodies physic reminder of those times.

In our subconscious.

Ways to cope could be thinking things through if going out the social aspects we are in now.

Looking at media is that an issue ? I am aware my self TV turned off COVID 19 effects my mental state.

Do I need to shop in a situation right now use on line services anything to use I can help my self to instil a structure safe guards ?

Wake up have positive thoughts confidence lacking self esteem I live alone woken up now lonely can set off depression but anxiety and panic .

So make it when waking up a positive start good food good upbeat music use a bath shower stimulate you do something constructive puzzles, word games crosswords.

Use the diary to ask yourself any panic attacks what is causing these some time has in my case CBT is not for all but did leave me with memories and sudden recalling of past events.

Little exercise find ways to think and be confident if you can know it is hard.

I would also add this if you need to go out have numbers some one to call if you think going to panic.

Have a plan a structure if you not good in crowds social places do you need to be there?

I used to insist all my appointments and daily visits to whoever be nearer early morning less people .

Then adjust this as I get used to meeting people then consider other times.

Stress anxiety and associated can be also not saying you are but need to ask the questions.

If your consuming tea, coffee, any caffeine in chocolate, cola, energy drinks make the mental health worse.

Avoid those plus mention this if your not great avoid alcohol drugs and smoking.

All can effect panic attacks anxiety and and any stress.

Look at thinking about wellbeing diet and health in connection with mental health so important.

Use Whole grains, bread, rice, pasta beans pulse.

Lean meat, fish and plenty of vegetables fruit.

If having allergies avoid these but are useful nuts, eggs. Dairy especially yoghurt the natural ones with added cultures.

Leafy greens spinach kale.

Please if you wish to ask me any thing or any questions please do.

I would recommend speaking to your GP there to help you.

Please take care keep in touch if you wish to talk, chat happy to be supportive.

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