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Hello, I am new here. Just saying hi and would like to know if this forum is actually helpful?

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Hello Ellie


I hope it is helpful I have been here for many years and there are people here that will help you and explain how they feel.

Have you talked to your Doctor regards your problems, How can we help


Thank you, Bob. I have talked to my doctor but he doesn’t refer me to any psychologist. And Idk what else to do. I am in a mental chaos right now because something happened at my workplace, I made a mistake and my manager gonna be upset Monday and might even threaten me about “prison”. I havent eaten anything in the last 21 hours

What happened, we all make errors, I made plenty in my career and never ended up in prison. Can I try and put your mind at rest, so you can enjoy your Sunday Dinner.

Remember we would not be human if we did everything complete and correct, all of the time. I was in a way like you in my early days, still here


Thank you again. And I agree with you. It was a mistake and I will try to be more keen as I go along. P.S it’s still Saturday here

We will be of to bed soon it is close to bewitching hour. Sunday is five mins away


Only 6:00 pm on the States where I am. Don't forget about us. 😁

hi welcome aboard sure you will find the forum beneficial to you as you are sure to find many users with similar issues.

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Thank you

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