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I often find myself getting jealous every time my friends make new friends , my best friend has bonded with someone else therefore we don’t talk as much , and although the bond is now an intimate relationship and for that I shouldn’t be jealous i should be happy that my friend has found new love but i always feel as though im losing to the new friends , their unfamiliar and So i feel like the old used car

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You sound a bit like my friend .. Friends will always be their through anything . You have to learn self love to love yourself . Sending a big hug ...

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Thank you 💖 i wish i was one of those people who didn’t care so much, i hate how emotional i am it alters my reality

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I get what you me some gossip got up my nose really shouldn't have taken as anything but did so understand .

Friends are like Hens Teeth very rare, most people you will meet are like ships that pass in the night, friends are really rare. We culture and look after then as you would a golder bracelet. Ask what your needs are and and look for people who will relate to you fully and with a full, good heart, very rare.

The problem is when we meet a new Partner, especially if you are young, feelings can be so very intense and friends, or whatever do move on. Sometimes they can come back their fingers burnt and hope you are still around. Consider your needs and look for that sort of person, although relationships do become strained in the early days of full adulthood


Sigh the thought of a bond dying breaks my heart it’s probably not even that big a deal but right now my emotions are definitely getting the best of me, very wise words though

I dont think i get jealous my friends make new friends but i feel pushed aside or forgotten about BUT then i realize it wasnt meant to be and a true forever friend will come along,hopefully lol

Otherwise its off to buy a box of tissues n pint of ice cream,lol

I don’t want to waste tears on anyone else , it’s not worth my health or peace im emotionally exhausted

I totally get that these other people dont understand how we feel n we ARE true friends.ur true forever friend will come along😁

Try not to wear your Heart on your sleeve, to show it that openly can break it.

Live for the day and look for that unconditional friend who will stand by you through rough and smooth, however understand most friendships can and will end, the same way future partners will move on as well. That is why it can take so long for us to find that right person we all will spend our Lives with.

Life is transient we are all here to learn and that sometimes takes time and effort. Live you life and enjoy the game


Thank you, i have to practice holding my guard up in a healthy way , that particular friend knows im reliable and often takes advantage of that, and now that I’ve been exposed myself by having deeper feelings for this friend i feel like nothing because the friend knows that I’ll always be around

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