It's amazing how you can feel ok 1 minute and then in bed the next. Depression is so horrible that I'm really struggling with it. I don't have much family, and give my gf such a hard time. I'm jealous and don't trust her. I'm waiting to go on cbt but that could be weeks. Any advice would be much appreciated as I don't feel good about myself st moment .

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  • I'm seeing this but I'll someone else post as I've chatted to you earlier. Hope you ok

  • Thanks Diane your words helped

  • Exercise has been shown to help reduce depression. I don't know if you enjoy it, but even just going for a walk each day can help.

    There are some cbt apps and books that give you ideas about how to start making changes which you could look at while you wait for therapy.

  • Thank you Sarah will look into that

  • I know what you mean. Regarding your gf why don't you trust her? Is there any reason? Is it your past? Can you talk to her? I do small steps every day with my depression e.g pick three things up and put them away. If it's a bad day it might be pick one thing up.

  • I just don't feel good enough, she's away a lot so always think she will find someone better

  • Well she is with you and not someone else so she must think you are more than good enough. Whilst you are waiting for your counselling why not have a look at mindfullness? This has helped many people.

  • I know what your saying but I believe when she's out she's after someone else , it's such a horrible feeling

  • Ok. I think you need to work on this otherwise you run the risk of driving her away. I am sure you know that anyway.

  • Yea so why am

    I constantly thinking she will when deep down I don't think she would

  • Because our negative self-talk is so loud. Maybe if you share this with her and ask her to help you by sending you a couple of messages a day while she's gone it may help.

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