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Update from ent appointment yesterday


Finally have a update on my throat problems after 3 weeks of not posting on here!

So since my last update I’ve had a GP appointment on the phone and a ENT appointment in person. Basically I called my GP about 2 weeks ago because I had concerns about my throat/neck/tonsil problems being caused by bad indigestion since I’ve had super bad indigestion since I was 10 and It’s gotten worse in the last few years. Like now I wake up in the morning and I’ve already got indigestion when i haven’t even eaten anything yet and it lasts all day and I get it at least once a week to a couple of times a week. So my doctor said I could have helicobacter pylori since she thought it was strange that I have bad indigestion at such a young age and that it started quite young. So she gave me a referral for a pathology to get both a breath test for helicobacter and a swabbing test done to check for strep bacteria and she said to get a medication called nexium which is meant to help with indigestion she said to only take it for 7 days then after that only take it when I get indigestion (has anyone used nexium before if so plz let me know if it’s any good)

So I got a breath test done and the swabbing and they said the results would take about a week to arrive.

So a week later (yesterday) I had both a appointment with an ENT in person and a phone appointment with my GP to get my results for my tests

The ENT appointment was first she had a look inside my mouth and said she could definitely see pus on the tonsils but she said they didn’t look swollen at all (I still feel like they look swollen when I look in the mirror but anyways she is the expert so I’ll believe her) and she felt around my jaw and said she couldn’t feel any swollen lymph glands (I’ve been putting warm compresses where the swelling was so it’s made it go down a lot thank god because that was the most uncomfortable part). Although I forgot to mention to her about the lump at the bottom of my neck which I’m really annoyed about since I’m rlly worried about that. Then she put a camera up my nose and through the back of my throat (omg that was such a uncomfortable experience btw). She said that my throat looked fine from what she could see on the camera. And that was basically all the checking she did. At the end of the appointment she said that because of the pus not clearing up after months of having it (since the end of February) she said that she thinks it’s about time I have a tonsillectomy. When she said that word my heart kinda sank I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that since I’m terrified of having surgery done. I had so many questions to ask her about the surgery but I couldn’t get any of them out because My mind just went blank after she mentioned surgery.

Thinking about having a tonsillectomy done absolutely terrifies me. I’ve never had surgery before in my life so this is my first time. I mean what if I have a reaction to the general anaesthetic and I don’t wake up. Or what if the surgery goes wrong and they completely botch it. It doesn’t help either that they said I have to stay in there overnight and that I’m not aloud to have my mum stay at the hospital with me since I’m 17 and out of school (I’d only be aloud to have my mum stay in the hospital if I was still going to school which I’m not) I suffer from terrible anxiety and depression and agoraphobia so thinking about being out of the house alone overnight without my mum makes me want to cry. Also my mum doesn’t have a car and my grandparents refuse to come up and help so I’ll have to come home in either a taxi or the train if my mum can’t afford the taxi.

Has anyone had a tonsillectomy before if you have plz tell me your experiences and tell me what I should prepare for and do before and after the surgery and what it was like? Is being put to sleep a weird scary feeling? I’d rlly like to know to ease my anxiety a bit.

Now for the gp appointment with my results for my tests. So my gp was very busy and couldn’t take my call since she was far behind with other patients that day so I had to get my results from someone else. It was a male doctor with a really thick accent so I couldn’t understand him too well. But what I made out was that both the helicobacter test and the strep throat swabbing both came back negative which is good! But if I didn’t have strep bacteria in my mouth how do I have tonsillitis? And if that means I don’t have tonsillitis why do I have to get my tonsils removed? Is there any other reason I could have pus on my tonsils but no swelling which wouldn’t show up on any of those tests? I honestly don’t know I’m very confused I feel like I’m being told so many things from so many different tests and doctors!!

Anyways that’s my update on everything going on I’m basically just super anxious and terrified and confused about my condition and my upcoming surgery. Plz give me some positive advice on some things I should do! Also last thing do you think I should get a second opinion before my surgery from a different ENT in case they might find something different that’s wrong which I won’t need surgery for. Since my surgery isn’t for ages because we don’t have health care/insurance so it’s a very long wait so maybe I should get a second opinion in the time being idk let me know what you think?

Thanks for reading my whole post i just rlly need some advice right now! Hope you all have a lovely day/night!

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Hello Peachy

Glad you have been having all your test and most seem to have come back with the results that show your tummy etc is of.

The operation you describe is best done in your teens, as we go through life the operation becomes more problematic as we get older. You will only be in hospital for about twenty four hours and when you come around they used to give ice cream to sooth your throat.

When I was about eight years old I suffered same and it went through my teens to the same age as yourself. They had then decided to take them out with the Adenoids. They decided to leave them and that was it all cleared in my early twenties, all cleared. However in your case with the infection as shown sounds a real problem so they are best out.

If you want too look up your medication consider the NHS Information site under medication A/Z this will explain what your medications are.

I am generally around on a daily visit so let me know how you get on.

One thing regards the Operation, there is nothing to worry about. I have been having sedation etc about twice a year for about thirty years, I am now seventy and they will not

be operating again. I used to enjoy the sleep and I was able to go home on the same day.

In my case it was dentistry and tests, All ok

Keep Safe

Good Luck


Thank you so much for your reply!

I’m probably worrying about the operation for nothing. It will probably all be fine it’s just kinda scary since it’s my first surgery and all.

I’ll definitely have a look at that website as well!

I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on here if I hear anymore from the doctors!

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