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Around four months ago I was hospitalised with severe vomiting, however I recovered and within a week I was home again. My mental health seemed fine at this point. Over the upcoming months I was constantly unwell again with severe constipation and in and out of hospital (I have since been diagnosed with IBS), around November time I noticed I was clock watching all day. I didn't know why, or what time I was waiting for but I looked at my phone or a clock around 50 times an hour. I also realised nothing made me happy any more, I was always weepy and upset. I went to my doctors who put me on citalopram (which have since been changed to sertraline) and advised I saw a counsellor - which I do I see a one to one weekly. I just wanted some advice on how to cope and how to get better, I cant live my life like this I'm only 21. I have fantastic support of all my family, many of them having gone through depression or anxiety themselves. I'm sick of waking up in a morning with no happiness. I cant bare to sit and watch television which isn't like me at all, I cant read or concentrate on anything. I just want to get better and be the happy and carefree girl I was before. I have no worries, or nothing that I can think could be causing these problems.

Any help would be really kindly received

Alex x


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5 Replies

  • You say you have no worries, but I would suggest that so much time in hospital and being so poorly must have been an incredibly stressful time for you. That in itself could cause someone to become depressed. Weekly counselling is quite intense; how successful are you finding that? X

  • Hi Alex

    Sorry to hear about the depression (and the IBS!). Does the sertraline help at all? Sometimes it's a case of finding the right antidepressant. Other than that can you summon the strength to do the basic 'self-care' things that help? (exercise, diet, social contact, managing negative thoughts etc).

    There's info on this here:

    and here:

    Libby x

  • Thank you for your response Libby, just been on them sites they were really encouraging. I think the sertraline isn't doing its job and maybe I need to visit my gp again. I don't expect a miracle tablet, but they don't seem to help in any way. Thanks for your advice, its all certainly worth a try

    Alex x

  • Thank you for your reply Lucy. I think your right about being in hospital did wear me down. Weekly counselling has been a god send for me, I find it really puts confidence in me that I will recover from this awful condition. x

  • Hello

    You say you have been into hospital several times and you began to suffer depression. Sometimes patients after being referred and discharged if you feel depressed this could be the acceptance of a health problem.

    You have been taking two medications for depression so the period of time you have taken both medications can lead to the medications in their own right not been allowed to work and a further period of upwards of four weeks may need to be undertaken.

    Depression can cause some sort of malaise where we may not be able to concentrate over long periods, this can be caused by the medication and the brain not functioning because of the depression.

    Your GP has enabled a CPN to see you on a weekly basis, this is good and you should discuss your feelings with her, she may be able to suggest a way forward as they will know your medical history

    Good Luck


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