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Well got let out of mental hospital last night after being in a week for attempted suicide and it was not a cry for help I 109% ment it , to massive amounts of pain relief and box of strong sleeping pills got in to bed expecting to never wake up ... didn’t go to plan woke up breathlessness , vomiting falling all over place left no choice but call for help and no pills finish the job off luckily , now I’m on better meds , got mental health team suport and intense therapy from crisis team over next 7 day’s starting last night , they have been great . And I’m glad to still be here. Thanks for everyone’s comments and suport even though I are strangers you lot I can talk to open up to and it means a lot xx thank you all

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I’m so glad the attempt failed. Hitting the ‘bottomest’ of rock bottom and look how you’ve come out the other side.

Keep the intense therapy up, we here are like a mini virtual family here, we may be behind screens but we are real and can provide as much support as you need. I’m here daily, I’m even here middle of night and really early morning (I haven’t found a cure for my crazy insomnia yet 😂). 💜🌺

You have a purpose in life, forgive yourself and act kindly to yourself. Your cause, your life is for your good and forgive all your mistakes. Temptation, should not be in your mind and focus into shielding yourself from this hour and believe you are lead into a better life and are stronger than you think. Passion for life and activities keep us going and through this you are going to receive a blessing.Victory of kingdom of God . God Goddess help you.

Good to know you are in a better place now with some real support.

Glad you are feeling much better and you failed your Suicide Attempt, you have been given another chance and now receiving help from the Crisis Team


I'm glad you are still here. Sounds like you have great help lined up.

Be kind to yourself. Take the help and find peace in your life. We all deserve peace.

Wow, you have a lot to be grateful for! I'm so glad you made it through that dark time. If you find yourself doubting again, remember how you feel now, and know you don't have to go through all the pain to feel this way. Good luck with your work putting things together and figuring out what went wrong.

Not really guys and girls not lucky at all I ment every second of that wanting to die to go sleep and never wake up , that’s not lucky

Kaytee1981 in reply to Daz2310

Daz2310 I understand you. I took an overdose maybe 4 weeks ago now fully intending it to be it, it clearly wasnt. It leaves your with more questions than you started with, it makes you frustrated that you 'wasted' your means, you accept peoples 'I'm glad your still here comments' with disdain and now what? Theres a weird expectation you should be grateful and life will just move on and be 'normal' that given a week or two you'll be bad to your old self whoever that was.

I'm sorry for not posting a positive reply but I'm not sure that's what your looking for, I certainly wasn't. But use the help you've been given, it doesnt always get better but it gets slightly more manageable x

No, I think it was a very dark time, but you pulled through. Hopefully that will stay with you as you figure out what went wrong. Glad you're okay.

Cant change yesterday..but u can look forward to what tomorrow will bring for u.Sending a gentle hug ur way.


I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles, Daz2310. I have been there and it's very scary. I'm glad you're getting the support you now need. Take care buddy.


Oh. I just read your post. I am glad you are ok.

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